Biden’s Build Back Better Plan Will Result In More Child Trafficking, GOP Source Says


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As the Senate prepares to vote on President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better agenda, which already passed in the House, something disturbing has been discovered.

The $1.7 trillion bill would actually reward cartels and child traffickers for smuggling more children into the United States, GOP sources have said, Breitbart News reported.

The plan would offer as much as $3,600 per year to the guardians of all children, which would include children brought to the United States who have no Social Security number.

The former acting commissioner of Customs and Border Protection, Mark Morgan, spoke to “The National Desk” reporter Jan Jeffcoat about the issue.

“There’s also a provision in there for a tax credit for illegal aliens who have children that are in the U.S.,” he said. “Think about that you can illegally enter our borders as a family, and then you’re going to be rewarded by being paid to have your kid here illegally.”


He argued that the Build Back Better plan sends a message to those who want to enter the nation illegally that “our borders don’t matter.”

“This is going to impact American taxpayers. They just don’t realize their taxpayer dollars are going to continue to give state and federal benefits to millions and millions of illegal aliens here,” he argued. “This is going to act as an incentive for more illegal immigration negatively impacting our border security and impacting every aspect of our nation’s public health safety and national security.”

A source informed Breitbart News that it is unlikely that the provision will be taken out of the Senate version of the bill by the parliamentarian.

And that will cause an economic incentive for cartels to continue human trafficking of children. “Whatever opportunity you create for the cartels, they will fill,” the source said.


“They are going to look at that [payment] structure and say, ‘We can exploit that.’ There are people now who, despite wanting to come in legally can’t afford the thousands of dollars we might charge them. Now, even if they can’t afford it, they were happy to take them north because once we get them in, then the government will help pay us and the coyotes for bringing them here. It’ll take the form of monthly checks,” he said.

“You’re gonna have the equivalent of having a government backed, illegal-alien enforcement mafia where the same people who bring the [migrants] here will now be coming around to pick up their monthly checks … The same people who are connecting the cartels to the [drug] gangs are going to use those same gangs as enforcers to collect cash and send it back to the cartels. They’re gonna put it in the same money laundering scheme that they’ve already got.

“So you’re going to incentivize some of the more violent gangs that exist and the cartel members directly in some cases, to come by the new homes of these illegal aliens in the U.S. and harass them and take the taxpayers’ checks,” the source said.

And the source believes that the recipients of the monthly checks will then pay those checks to the cartels who smuggled them into the United States.

“They will never be able to to walk away from in the same way that a little Bodega couldn’t walk away from the mob in New York City … They won’t be able to get out from the cartels. They’re gonna continue paying those taxpayer-funded checks in perpetuity … [because they need the cartels to] bring their friends and family up north,” the source said.

“They know what’s going on,” the source said of Democrats. “But they know that they can’t say what their true goal is, which is actual open borders with open, uncontrolled migration both ways. And this is a step toward getting rid of borders.

“It’s a globalist mindset and it welcomes anything that moves toward open borders,” he said.

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