Trump: Biden Wants New Iran Nuclear Deal Because ‘He Is Stupid’


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Former President Donald Trump slammed President Joe Biden on Monday over his handling of several conflicts across the world.

During an interview with Fox Business host Stuart Varney, Trump slammed the Biden administration’s efforts to revive the Iran nuclear deal.

Below is a transcript of the exchange:

VARNEY: “How about Iran? We are told that we’re going to be signing an Iranian nuke deal any day now. I’m sure you oppose it. You took us out of the nuke deal what do you think happens just a few months or a year down the road if we go back into that Iran nuke deal and they get a chance of a bomb?”

Trump: “Well, it’s the end of Israel if that happens. Israel is — I don’t think Israel could actually let it happen. It is the worst deal and also, you’re going to see nukes all over the Middle East and everyone else is going to get them too. It will be the end because if they have them, Saudi Arabia is going to get them and everyone else is going to get them and how can you tell them not to do it.”


VARNEY: “So — so why is Biden doing it?”

Trump: “Because he’s stupid, OK? Because he’s stupid and because they’re stupid, and they shouldn’t be in power anyway, but they are destroying our country and they may ultimately be responsible for destroying the world.”

VARNEY: “Do you — what are you going to do if there is a nuke deal with Iran as it looks likely? What will you do? What will you say?” [crosstalk]

Trump: “So I did — I — I did — yeah, I did many things for Israel. I was the best president ever for Israel, but I do for this country, but Israel, very big deal, 52 years they tried to get it, I got that and of course, Jerusalem the capital with the embassy and all. But the biggest thing I did for Israel was — and — and the smart people say this, by far, the biggest, bigger than the capital, bigger than, you know, moving our embassy to Jerusalem and Jerusalem becoming the capital, much bigger. I ended the Iran nuclear deal. They are now going to go into a much worse deal than the deal they had which was horrible, one of the worst deals I’ve ever seen.”

Trump: “I’ll tell you something. I got along with him, and look, I got along with him loving this country and he loves his country, OK? But he’s a different person than he was. He seems to be different. He — he looks different. He looks different. He’s a different person.” [crosstalk]


VARNEY: “Is he solid mentally?”

Trump: “It just doesn’t seem to be the same person I was dealing with. You know, we had a decent relationship. It was very hard because of the Russia hoax, you know, and I told him, I said you know, it’s very hard for me to do anything for Russia and for you to do anything because these horrible, horrible people that are, you know, perpetuating this hoax, the Russia, Russia, Russia collusion nonsense, millions of phone calls I never made one to Russia. Think of it. Millions of calls, that went through the phone records, millions of calls not one call to Russia, who was a total hoax, its come out and the Durham report I look forward to seeing more and more of it.”


Trump: “I look forward to seeing more and more of it. But I will say this. We did well with Russia. They didn’t attack any countries under us. I’m the only one where that didn’t happen, and with Bush, they took Georgia, and they took Crimea with Biden and Obama and now, he said the hell with them. Let’s take the whole thing. But even ‘Sleepy Eyes’ Chuck Todd on NBC said the other day when he was interviewing I think it was Blinken, he said how come this never happened under Trump? China didn’t do anything. Russia didn’t do anything. Nobody did anything. In fact — and we got along with North Korea. You know, how come none of this stuff happened under Trump? And some day you and I will sit down and I’ll tell you why.”

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