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Ann Coulter: What America Wants Is ‘Trumpism Without Trump’

President Donald Trump has a long list of accomplishments since taking office.

But that’s not enough for conservative commentator Ann Coulter, who is apparently done with Trump.

“Trumpism without Trump” is what America needs in four years, said Coulter during a lecture at the University of Texas at Austin on Thursday night hosted by the university’s Young Conservatives of Texas.

In a wide-ranging speech, Coulter explained to a socially-distanced crowd of 97 people why she believes the 2020 U.S. presidential election has produced “the best of all possible outcomes” for conservatives.

“The reason I’m very happy that [President] Trump lost – and lost narrowly – is that a second term of Trump would have killed us,” Coulter said.

“What we want, and what I think we can get in four years, is Trumpism without Trump,” she said.

Coulter defined “Trumpism” as America taking care of its own people first.

“The left behind, the working class, the middle class — they want jobs, they want safe neighborhoods. They don’t want to have to keep paying taxes for English as Second Language classes and to pay for emergency rooms with a lot of illegal immigrants coming in with many … health problems,” she said.

“We have to take care of our own first. That’s Trumpism. And it hasn’t been tried. It certainly hasn’t triumphed,” Coulter opined.

“With Trump … He’d say these wild things that we’d get blamed for, he’d get attacked on, and then actually did nothing,” she explained.

“Trump thinks, ‘I tweeted it. Therefore, it’s done’,” Coulter said.

“It’s ironic … that he lost this election, very possibly because of cheating. Democrats cheat all the time. … Trump has been talking about ‘mail-in ballots are dangerous, they’re gonna steal this election.’ He’s been talking about it … probably all year,” she said.

“Talking about it isn’t the same as doing it,” Coulter pointed out. “Much like as he tweeted out, ‘Law and Order,’ and yet cities are still burning across the nation. [He] didn’t do anything about it. It’s like he didn’t know he was president.”

“So, I think the Republicans’ position [in the next four years] has to be: This is the new Republican Party. It will be Trumpism, but we’re getting rid of the eight-year-old,” Coulter proposed.

Republicans should remain focused on populist issues, she advised, “But we’re going to have someone who speaks well, who is articulate, who hates the media, hates political correctness.”

“It’ll be a lot easier to push Trumpism without Trump,” Coulter predicted.

“I’m glad he lost,” she continued. “I’m glad it was very, very narrow. And I’m glad we seem to have held the Senate. … And we have definitely held the House [of Representatives]. That means they [Democrats] couldn’t do anything terrible.”

Coulter has been going after Trump a lot lately.

She has attacked Trump for supposedly being on the side of big banks and praised socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders for his anti-Wall Street stance.

Before that, Coulter attacked Trump for his “inaction” on the border and said she looked forward to a “President Biden.”

Last November, Coulter said she is giving up on Trump after criticizing the president on his “failures” to implement an America First immigration agenda.

She should also remember that without Trump, the America First movement wouldn’t even be possible.