Trump Will Not Visit Capitol Hill Ahead of House Speaker Race


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A person close to former President Donald Trump has revealed that the 45th president will not be going to Capitol Hill on Tuesday to meet with congressional Republicans as they look for the next speaker of the House.

Trump previously teased last Thursday that he would be going to Washington, D.C., and Capitol Hill to be a part of a House Republican Conference where members were choosing the next speaker of the House after Rep. Kevin McCarthy was ousted.

Fox News was told by a source close to the president that his plans had changed and that he would no longer be in Washington or on Capitol Hill to take part in those talks or the House GOP candidate forum that starts Tuesday night.

Trump has endorsed Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan to serve as House speaker.

Steve Scalise, R-La., is running against Jordan for the job. Scalise is the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee.

McCarthy was fired as speaker of the House last Tuesday after Rep. Matt Gaetz introduced a “motion to vacate” bill against him. Gaetz said McCarthy broke promises he made when he ran for speaker in January.


Jordan revealed that one of his first official acts would be to ensure that Israel has all it needs in its war against Hamas.

“Sunday Morning Futures” anchor Maria Bartiromo told the Ohio Republican during a show segment on Monday, “Tell me what your first directive would be as speaker,” to which he responded, “To help the state of Israel.”

“There will be some resolution on the floor to support the state of Israel,” Jordan continued, adding that he planned to consult with House Foreign Affairs Chairman Michael McCaul (R-TX) and the Senate.

“We will work with the State Department and the White House,” Jordan continued. “But that is something that I think gets bipartisan, bicameral, full support from the United States government because, again, this is our great friend and great ally, the state of Israel.”

“We need to give Israel the time, the space, the resources so that they can win and win decisively and send a message to these evil people who did this to” Israel, Jordan added.


“There is a special bond between the state of Israel and the American people,” Jordan said. “We need to make sure we continue that and help them win this as quickly as possible.”

“We need to make sure that they have what they need to win and send a message to stop this kind of ridiculous stuff and take action against these people who are doing these terrible things,” said Jordan.

“Let me turn to the speaker’s race and this candidate forum on Tuesday and then the vote on Wednesday. Can you walk us through how this plays out?” Bartiromo pivoted.

“Well, I’m running because, look, I think — I think I’m the one candidate who can unite our conference and then go tell the American people what we’re doing and why it matters to them, why it’s important to their family, to their community, to their small business, why it’s important what we’re doing for our country,” Jordan said.


“The American people right now, Maria, I think are — they are so thirsty for leadership. And I don’t think they’re seeing it from the White House. I don’t think they’re getting it from the Senate,” Jordan continued. “House Republicans need to unite and show the country that we’re fighting for them. Think about what they see every day, crime in the streets, 10,000 illegals coming across the border every single day, the price of food, what it costs to put gas in their car.

“I mean, they are hungry for leadership. We need to come together and show the American people we’re fighting for the things they care about that will make a difference for our great country,” Jordan continued.

Jordan then revealed he would next focus on government funding, noting that the current continuing resolution ends soon.

“The next order of business is to deal with what’s coming on November 17. And I will outline a plan that I think we have to have. When we walk out of that room next week, we have got to have 218 votes for a Republican speaker, and we have got to have 218 votes for how we deal with November 17, when the funding bill for the government runs — comes due,” he said.

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