Donald Trump Scores Two Major Victories In Court


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Donald Trump is celebrating after a lawsuit against him by a former contestant on “The Apprentice” has been dropped by the accuser.

Summer Zervos dropped her case on Friday and a filing in Manhattan Supreme Court said the case was dismissed and discontinued with prejudice which means that she cannot bring the same case against him in state court again, The New York Post reported.

Both parties were ruled responsible for their own costs after four years of litigation.


Zervos, during the 2016 presidential campaign, accused Trump of groping and kissing her against her will in a Beverly Hills hotel in 2007 while she was on the TV show.

She sued the then-president in 2017, claiming he had defamed her when he publicly called her a “liar” and said her accusations were “totally made up stuff” and “fake news.”

Her attorneys said that “after five years, Ms. Zervos no longer wishes to litigate against the defendant and has secured the right to speak freely about her experience.”


“Zervos stands by the allegations in her complaint and has accepted no compensation,” they said.

The 45th President of the United States’ attorney, Alina Habba, said that the decision by Zervos was “prudent.”

“She had no choice but to do so as the facts unearthed in this matter made it abundantly clear that our client did nothing wrong,” she said.


In an email to his supporters via his Save America PAC, Trump celebrated the decision.

“The lawsuit brought by a woman who made up false accusations against President Trump for publicity or money has just been dropped in its totality. The Fake News Media totally and completely distorted the facts—they are corrupt. President Trump has been totally vindicated. No money of any kind, or legal fees, were paid by President Trump,” the email said.

“It is so sad when things like this can happen, but so incredibly important to fight for the truth and justice. Only victory can restore one’s reputation!” the 45th president said.

The attorneys for writer and former magazine columnist E. Jean Carroll, who made accusations of rape against Trump and also sued him for defamation, responded after Zervos’ case was dropped.


But the Zervos win was not the only victory that Trump had on Friday as New York Judge Joel Cohen granted the 45th president’s motion to dismiss a lawsuit against his company brought by Michael Cohen in 2019.

“Mr. Cohen’s legal fees arise out of his (sometimes unlawful) service to Mr. Trump personally, to Mr. Trump’s campaign, and to the Trump Foundation, but not out of his service to the business of the Trump Organization, which is the only defendant in this case,” the judge said, CNN reported.


“Today’s incredible victory for the Trump Organization puts an end to the frivolous litigation by convicted felon Michael Cohen. While the Southern District of New York already found that Mr. Cohen engaged in a ‘smorgasbord of fraudulent conduct…motivated by personal greed and ambition,’ Mr. Cohen attempted to invent a basis for requiring the Trump Organization to pay his legal fees for personal criminal conduct (including perjury). Mr. Cohen’s attempts at self-enrichment, however, once again failed. Having won this case, we now look forward to seeking monetary damages against Mr. Cohen for all of his despicable conduct,” a Trump spokesperson said.

Michael Cohen criticized the decision by the judge.

“I think it’s a terrible decision by Justice Cohen based upon the fact that I was directed to handle the matters that I did at the direction of and for the benefit of Donald J Trump and the Trump Organization. Over the course of the weekend I will be evaluating with my counsel whether to file an appeal or not,” he said.

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