Trump Cancels Rally, ‘Devastated’ By What’s Coming: ‘God Be With You’


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Former President Donald Trump was forced to cancel his Wilmington, North Carolina, rally, sending his supporters home with a blessing.

Trump called in to inform his followers of the news.

“As you can see there’s some very bad weather heading in,” Trump said. “We’re flying in in a few minutes, but they really would prefer that we not come in because there’s a certain danger to all of this, and we want to make sure everybody is safe, above all. And so they’ve asked us to ask people to leave the site and seek shelter.”

“And what we’ll do is we’ll make up for this very quickly at another time. We’ll do it as quick as possible. I’m devastated that this could happen, but we want to keep everybody safe. That’s the most important thing,” Trump continued. “So if you don’t mind, I think we’re going to have to just do a rain check.”

“I’m so sad. I’m in North Carolina right now and waiting to go in, but they’re saying the weather is really getting bad. Really, really getting bad. I’m so sorry,” Trump said, according to the Wilmington Star News. “But we’ll do it again, and we’ll do it bigger and better. You have my promise.”

Trump closed by thanking those who had come out, saying, “God be with you.”

A new survey has found that Trump has managed to outpoll President Joe Biden in a state critical to both of their campaigns.


According to the Marquette Law School poll, Trump holds a two-point lead over the Democratic incumbent among registered voters in Wisconsin, with 51 percent supporting Trump and 49 percent supporting Biden.

This marks a gain for Trump since January when both candidates were tied at 49 percent.

“Wisconsin is one of seven crucial swing states in the 2024 presidential election and is worth 10 electoral votes. The other six swing states are Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, which total 93 electoral votes along with Wisconsin,” The Daily Wire reported.

In the same poll, while Trump leads Biden in the Midwestern state, Democratic incumbent Sen. Tammy Baldwin holds a five-point lead over Republican challenger Eric Hovde among registered voters, with Baldwin at 52 percent and Hovde at 47 percent. However, among likely voters, the two Senate candidates are tied.

The coalition of voters Biden galvanized to defeat the former president in the 2020 presidential election appears to be crumbling, including black voters.

A CNN segment earlier this month pointed out that Biden was, at the time, behind Trump in six of seven swing states—Arizona, Nevada, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Georgia—while Biden was leading by three points in Wisconsin.

Moreover, Trump is leading Biden on issues that are the biggest concerns for voters this cycle.


“Look at the why: what is going on?  Alright, trusted more, again, this is across all of these key seven swing states,” CNN political analyst Harry Enten said.

“Look, Donald Trump is trusted more than Joe Biden in basically all the important issues — the economy, inflation, 20-point lead, immigration, border, 20-point lead, the Israel-Hamas war, 14-point lead, the Russia-Ukraine war, nine-point lead, protecting democracy, well within the margin of error, which I think is something the that should worry that Biden camp, given that has been harping and Democrats been harping on this,” Enten continued. “Just a one-point advantage.

“On abortion, Democrats and Joe Biden have a 12-point advantage. They would love this campaign to be about abortion, but at this particular point, it‘s about this. And it‘s about this with perhaps a little bit of this,” Enten said, pointing out the main concerns of voters, “and all these issues favor Donald Trump.”

The host pointed out that Democrats and Biden have been “running on protecting democracy, and that’s a wash right now.”

“It is a Wash. And this is not the only poll that shows…  was looking at a Quinnipiac University poll last month, last week, excuse me, that showed the same thing,” Enten said. “And it‘s something that RFK Jr. said to our colleague, Erin Burnett, saying, I‘m not quite sure — Joe Biden may be worse for protecting democracy. It turns out a lot of voters agree on that.

“One little last thing I‘ll point out — is the U.S. on the right track or wrong track of presidential elections? Right track, 25 percent average when the president’s party loses since 1980 — 25% (now for Biden). It looks very much that type of campaign that we‘ve seen before right now,” Enten concluded.


Trump’s increasing appeal to blue-collar workers will likely be put to the test in Michigan this year, home to the country’s auto industry.

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