Trump, McCarthy Say Pelosi May Not Be House Speaker for Long

Written by Martin Walsh

Could Rep. Nancy Pelosi lose her re-election bid for House Speaker?

House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy said the Republican Party could “control the floor” of the House if only a few Democrats voted against Pelosi’s nomination.

This is now a reality and real possibility after Republicans have gained several seats in the House on Election Day.

Appearing on Fox News, McCarthy said Pelosi could lose her role if 10 of the 15 Democrats who voted against her bid in January 2019 did so again at the start of next year.

He also warned that “internal fights” in the Democratic Party were emerging after the party failed to build on its House majority despite President-Elect Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential contest.

McCarthy said: “Well we’ll only know in January because to become speaker you have to have 218 votes on the floor. When she went up for that vote two years ago, there were 15 Democrats who voted against her. Ten of those Democrats will be coming back to Congress.

“If those 10 vote against her again, she will not be speaker of the House, because she won’t have 218 because of the gains of the Republicans. We are close enough now that we can control the floor with a few Democrats joining with us,” McCarthy said.


President Donald Trump has been predicting this would happen for quite some time.

After the GOP-controlled Senate acquitted Trump in the sham impeachment hearing, the president praised McCarthy for keeping all House Republicans unified in voting against the articles of impeachment in the lower chamber.

Trump said impeachment would hurt Democrats and predicted that McCarthy would become the new House speaker.

“Kevin McCarthy has done an incredible job,” Trump said. “You’ll be speaker of the House. I really believe it.”

That wasn’t the first time Trump has thrown his support behind McCarthy becoming the new House speaker if Republicans take back the House.

While speaking to GOP donors and House Republicans last November, the president tore into Pelosi.

“We need to win back the House to retire Nancy once and for all,” Trump told the attendees.

Trump said he’s fully behind McCarthy to become the speaker and called him “tough, loyal, and smart.”

Last October, Trump took to Twitter to throw his full support behind McCarthy.

“Leader McCarthy, we look forward to you soon becoming Speaker of the House. The Do-Nothing Dems don’t have a chance!” Trump wrote.

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