Trump Predicts Alvin Bragg Will Drop Case Before It Gets To Jury


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Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has watched his case against former President Donald Trump get stomped on by the attorneys for the defense and he may not have many options left other than to drop the case.

The is the prediction of the former president, who posted on his Truth Social account about why he believes Bragg will drop the case before it gets to the jury:

People are thinking that Soros backed D.A., Alvin Bragg, who never wanted to bring the Witch Hunt against me in the first place, is going to drop this ridiculous and very unpatriotic “CASE” in order to save lots of money, and also the self respect of his once revered Office. He would then be able to focus on Violent Crime, which is running rampant and totally out of control in New York. The dilemma is, and always has been, the Trump Hating (APPOINTED IN 2009 & STILL ACTING!) Judge, Juan Merchan, who would be confronted with the problem of how he would explain this TRUMP loss, to the Radical Left Democrats, to whom he owes so much? Bring back “Justice in America.” ELECTION INTERFERENCE!!!

Prior to that post the former president spoke outside of the courthouse where he said the case was having a damaging effect on the state of New York.


“New York has got to do something about what’s happening because you look at Judge Engoron, you look at Judge Kaplan, what they’ve done, it’s disgraceful. Everyone’s laughing at the New York system and companies are leaving, people are leaving, but major companies with tremendous taxpayer dollars and employers of millions of people, literally. People are leaving, they’re taking their companies and they’re all watching this case,” he said before being joined by Republican Rep. Bob Good who expressed a similar sentiment.

“You got a corrupt judge whose daughter is one of the leading fundraisers for the Democrat Party, having raised $100 million. That’s the judge’s daughter!” he said. “This is a crooked sham trial.”

George Washington University law professor and Fox News contributor Jonathan Turley appeared on the Fox News show “Hannity” where he said the case should not get to the jury.

“Indeed, one of the most impressive things about the last two days is it does appear that Cohen may have committed perjury again. His explanations on various points do not strike some of us as true. When he said that he surreptitiously taped the president which just blasts away ethical obligations, he said he was doing it to help Trump and keep David Pecker honest. It makes no sense. No one can get their head around that. That was just one of a number of moments where you really have to be impressed with this guy who really has shown throughout his life that he will only tell the truth if he is no alternative,” the professor said.


“Now what I think was the most amazing thing today is that the prosecutor said they would close the case, that they’ll rest their case after Cohen’s testimony is done. There is a problem. Nobody has established any elements of any crime. The government has not even stated or explained why listing these payments as legal expenses is not correct, they haven’t put on any material evidence to support those elements. Most judges would be insulted for prosecutors to say that’s a wrap without ever making a basis for a case,” he said.

“So the judge will have this motion for a directed verdict and I think any judge in good faith would grant that motion. If he sends this to the jury, he is sending a case to a jury where no crime was stated and even core factual issues remain very much in doubt.

“I still cannot figure out not only what the crime was that brought to life this dead misdemeanor, I can’t figure out what the government’s arguing as to how this should have been denoted. If it wasn’t an illegal expense what’s the notation some accountant should have put in a ledger? None of us know because they have just shrugged. And that’s what this case is — it’s a shrug. And they expect the judge to do the same,” he said.