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Report: Trump Bringing In Team Of Thousands Of Lawyers Ahead Of 2020 Election

Democrats want a fight — and President Donald Trump is going to give it to them.

According to a new report by Politico, Trump has just brought in an army of thousands of lawyers as he expects a huge legal battle during the 2020 presidential election.

The report indicates that Trump has hired dozens of top lawyers from all over the country.

And not only that, the president has brought on thousands of volunteer attorneys and poll watchers across the nation to help him in case something catastrophic happens.

The decision to bring in the law professionals comes as Republicans are preparing pre-written legal documents ahead of the 2020 presidential election, the Politico report stated.

Trump’s team wants to be prepared to challenge close election results and also challenge the crush of mail-in ballot overloads.

The report also states that: “Attorneys from non-battleground states, including California, New York, and Illinois, are being dispatched to more competitive areas and trained on local election laws.”

Here’s more from Politico on the scope of the team:

A 20-person team of lawyers oversees the strategy, which is mainly focused on the election process in the 17 key states the Trump campaign is targeting, like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan.

In total, it means the Republican Party will have thousands of people on hand to shape every element of voting — both on Election Day and in the days after.

It’s a massive undertaking — one the RNC calls its largest election-year legal effort ever. And it’s one that could determine the winner of the pandemic-beset 2020 election. Both political parties are bracing for the Nov. 3 election to spill over into the days and perhaps weeks after Election Day, given the drawn out process of counting what’s expected to be a historic number of mail-in votes. Since Republicans and Democrats vehemently disagree over how — and when — those ballots should be counted, the court system might be the ultimate arbiter.

“We’ve been hard at work on our planning and strategy for quite some time,” said Justin Riemer, chief counsel at the Republican National Committee, one of the leaders of the effort. “We will spend whatever it takes to make sure the election is conducted orderly and that we push back on the Democrats’ litigation to strike down various safeguards on the election process.”

Democrats have made it very clear they are going to do everything they can to force Trump out of office.

Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton even advised Democratic nominee Joe Biden not to concede the election to Trump under any circumstances.

As a result, Trump is bringing in a team to fight back.

He’s not going to roll over for Democrats or bow down to their slimy tactics.