Trump Goes After George Soros Supported DAs In New Campaign Video


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Donald Trump has taken aim at liberal billionaire and Democrat donor George Soros in an explosive campaign video.

In a video shared on Truth Social, the 45th president claimed that the United States was being damaged by “Marxist” and “communist” district attorneys and he vowed to take action to fix it if he is elected president again in 2024.

“There is no more dire threat to the American way of life than the corruption and weaponization of our justice system. And it’s happening all around us. As president, it will be my personal mission to restore the scales of justice in America. We want fairness and equality under the law. And to that end, I will appoint US attorneys who will be the polar opposite of the Soros district attorneys and others that are being appointed throughout the United States. Very unfair to our population, very unfair to our country,” Trump declared.

Trump said that the attorneys he would appoint would be “the most ferocious legal warriors against crime and communist corruption that this country has ever seen.”

“As we completely overhaul the Federal Department of Justice and FBi, we will launch sweeping civil rights investigations into Marxist local district attorneys. And that’s what we have, they’re Marxist in many cases. By refusing to charge countless crimes, the Soros prosecutors appear to be engaging in selective enforcement based on illegal radical discrimination,” he said.

“In addition, we will have a complete investigation into the use of police state tactics by federal authorities to arrest conservatives and Christians. We will find out who ordered it and hold them totally accountable,” the former president said.

“There is much more that we must to, we have to confront this radicalized law in schools… we have to reform the far-left bar associations and stop the purge of conservative lawyers from major law firms,” Trump continued. “I will do whatever it takes to save our legal system, among the greatest achievements of Western civilization, from the Marxist barbarians who seek to destroy it, and we will do that we will save it.”



The Soros family has its tentacles deep within the administration of President Joe Biden, according to records.

Since the start of the administration, Soros’ son has visited top officials a the White House 14 times, the New York Post reported.

Alexander Soros, a massive Democrat fundraiser who brags about his relationships with world leaders as if he would have gotten them on his own, has had more than a dozen White House visits with top officials in the past two years.

The Post reported:

His latest trips include visiting Dec. 1 with then-White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain’s advisor Nina Srivastava, who also worked on Biden’s presidential campaign, the logs show.

Later that evening. the younger Soros was one of 330 people who attended a lavish state dinner on the White House South Lawn hosted by the president and First Lady Jill Biden honoring French President Emmanuel Macron and Macron’s wife, Brigitte.

A day later, Alexander Soros — who chairs the powerful, liberal grant-making network Open Society Foundations founded by his dad — met with both Advisor to the Counselor of President Mariana Adame and Deputy National Security Advisor Jonathan Finer, records show.

His previous White House meetings included earlier sitdowns with Adame on October 14; Srivastava on September 14; Finer on Dec. 15, 2021, and October 6 and September 15 of last year, according to records.

Soros also had meetings with Kimberly Lang, then a National Security Advisor executive assistant, on October 6; and former Klain advisor Madeline Strasser on Oct. 29, 2021, and April 22, 2022.

A list of the meetings shows how many times the younger Soros has visited the White House in the past two years.

–12/2/2022: Mariana Adame, Advisor to the Counselor Steve Ricchetti


–12/2/2022: Jon Finer, Deputy National Security Advisor

–12/1/2022: State Dinner on South Lawn for French President Emmanuel Macron attended by President Biden

–12/1/2022: Nina Srivastava, adviser to then-Chief of Staff Ron Klain

–10/14/2022: Mariana Adame, Advisor to the Counselor Steve Ricchetti (x2)

–10/6/2022: Jon Finer, Deputy National Security Advisor

–10/6/2022: Kimberly Lang, Executive Assistant to the National Security Advisor

–9/15/2022: Jon Finer, Deputy National Security Advisor

–9/14/2022: Nina Srivastava, adviser to then-Chief of Staff Ron Klain (x2)

–4/22/2022: Madeline Strasser, adviser to then-Chief of Staff Ron Klain

–12/15/2021: Jon Finer, Deputy National Security Advisor

–10/29/2021: Madeline Strasser, adviser to then-Chief of Staff Ron Klain

The visits are troubling to Mike Howell, who serves as the director of the Oversight Project for the Conservative Heritage Foundation, who said that the Soros family has already “done tremendous damage to our country.”

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