Trump Humiliates Michelle Obama On Her Birthday

President Donald Trump is the greatest troll in the history of American politics and he knows just how to push the buttons of progressives.

That is probably why he waited until Michelle Obama’s birthday on Friday to effectively kill her much maligned school lunch program.

The Agriculture Department chose that day to propose a rule change that would continue to rollback the insane standards set by the former first lady’s program.

A department spokeswoman said that it was not their intention to bring out the rule on Obama’s birthday, but many were skeptical of that, The New York Times reported.

“Schools and school districts continue to tell us that there is still too much food waste and that more common-sense flexibility is needed to provide students nutritious and appetizing meals, Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue said. “We listened and now we’re getting to work.”

The new rule would allow schools to reduce the number of fruits and vegetables they have to have which will pave the way for some old favorites like pizza to return to the menu.

“[It] would create a huge loophole in school nutrition guidelines, paving the way for children to choose pizza, burgers, french fries and other foods high in calories, saturated fat or sodium in place of balanced school meals every day,” Colin Schwartz, who serves as the  deputy director of legislative affairs for the Center for Science in the Public Interest said.

“The Trump administration proposal also would limit the variety of vegetables served at lunch and allow schools to reduce the amount of fruit served with some breakfasts. (If past is prologue, lobbyists for the potato industry likely have replacements in mind.) And this is hardly the Trump administration’s first attempt to weaken school nutrition. It earlier rolled back requirements for whole grains and sodium in kids’ meals—moves that are now the subject of two ongoing lawsuits by CSPI and partners and by a group of state attorneys general,” he said.

The simple way to fix the issue that they believe exists would be for parents to actually get involved and make a meal for their kids before they go to school.

Or parents who cannot do that could talk to their kids about making healthy choices and then trust that their child is capable of making decision.

This goes back to what separates conservatives and liberals. It is not that the idea of a healthier lunch for kids is not good, it is. And options should be available to young people so that they are able to make healthy choices.

But when liberals have a good idea they want to take your choice away from you and mandate that you do what they tell you to because they know what is best for you.

Conservatives, while we may agree in principle that making the healthy choice is the best option, want people to be free to make those choices for themselves.

It is a basic disagreement in personal freedom versus a nanny state and that is what liberals do not, and apparently cannot, understand.