Trump Leading Biden, 3rd Party Opponents, In Six of Seven Key Battleground States


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Former President Donald Trump continues to lead President Joe Biden and all serious third-party presidential candidates in six of the seven most competitive swing states, according to a Morning Consult/Bloomberg News poll.

According to the poll released on Tuesday, Trump leads Biden and third-party candidates in all swing states except Michigan, where the two presidents are tied.

Although Trump holds an edge over Biden in the broader field, the margins narrow in a hypothetical head-to-head contest without third-party candidates, with Biden narrowly leading in one state.

According to a Bloomberg News/Morning Consult conducted in mid-February, eight-in-10 swing state voters think Biden, at 81, is showing major signs of aging and is too old for another term. Even reliably Democratic voters in the seven swing states believe he’s too old, the UK’s Daily Mail reported.

The outlet added:

It comes as the Biden administration has been pushing back on concerns over the president’s age and mental acuity after the Special Counsel Robert Hur report earlier this month described the president as an ‘elderly man with poor memory.’


On Wednesday, Biden had a physical, and his doctor declared him ‘fit for duty’ describing the president as a ‘healthy, active, robust 81-year-old.’

Meanwhile, less than half of the respondents in the same survey believe that former President Donald Trump, Biden’s most likely GOP rival, is too old at 77.

In addition, the polling found that Trump is leading Biden across all seven of the swing states: Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Besides the economy, which continues to see the vast majority of Americans struggling to make ends meet, the chaotic situation along the U.S.-Mexico border, along with a massive influx of illegal immigrants under Biden’s policies, has become a top voter concern.


Earlier, a leading pollster took a deep dive into the results of a previous survey regarding Biden’s job performance and approval one year out from the election, explaining that the data is much worse for him than what’s been reported in the so-called ‘mainstream’ media.

Revolver News, breaking down pollster Richard Baris’ assessment, described the results of a new survey this way:

Key demographic groups aren’t just mad at Joe Biden; they’re abandoning him in droves. When you consider his historically low polls, this isn’t a traditional “presidential slump” that can be brushed off and fixed with some stumping and handshaking. What we’re witnessing right now, and what the media won’t tell you, is that this is a “CODE RED” in the political world. We’re watching the complete collapse of a political figure, and the media is in a frenzy, trying to cover it up.

“The Suffolk/USAToday Poll is showing what we’re all seeing, which is NOT a normal weak showing 1-year out for an incumbent president seeking re-election,” Baris noted on the X platform.


“Historically, he’s far below Barack Obama at this point (who won) and significantly lower than Donald Trump (who lost). H.W. Bush was higher, but his approval was falling RAPIDLY from far higher than Biden has ever been,” he added.

“It’s not just that these demographic groups are ‘abandoning’ Joe Biden. Donald Trump is gaining among key Democratic constituencies, Hispanic, Under 35. It’s the one poll NOT showing gains among Black voters. Clearly he is in the consensus,” Baris continued.

“I’d just also note that ‘enthusiasm’ and ‘voting likelihood’ are not the same thing. Higher turnout benefits Trump. People need to get used to understanding that now,” he wrote.

“Lastly, while they are just reshuffling the bottom of the deck, Nikki Haley has overtaken Ron DeSantis nationally. Almost identical to our latest results @BIGDATAPOLL,” he said.

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