Trump, RNC To Dispatch 100,000 Pollwatchers, Attorneys In Election Integrity Effort


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The Republican National Committee announced a major election integrity project this week that will utilize around 100,000 poll watchers and attorneys to monitor the polls in swing states, beginning with early voting dates and lasting through the November election.

The large-scale operation comes following allegations of widespread voter fraud by former President Donald Trump and his legal teams, claims that have thus far failed to yield any evidence that could stand up in court. The GOP had pledged to dispatch some 50,000 poll watchers to monitor the balloting process during the 2020 cycle, NBC News reported.

“Having the right people to count the ballots is just as important as turning out voters on Election Day,” Trump said in a press release. “Republicans are now working together to protect the vote and ensure a big win on November 5th.”

The legal team and additional volunteers will oversee various stages of the electoral process, including early voting, election day voting, logic and accuracy machine testing, mail ballot processing, and post-election canvassing, recounts, and audits, the report said.

“Every ballot. Every precinct. Every processing center. Every county. Every battleground state. We will be there,” RNC co-chairwoman Lara Trump said in the release. “The RNC is hiring hundreds of election integrity staff across the map – more than ever before because our Party will be recruiting thousands of more observers to protect the vote in 2024. These campaign officials in states are tasked with recruiting, training, and when possible, shifting poll watchers and poll workers day in and day out.”

The attorneys will be stationed at processing centers and polling sites in battleground states and will collaborate with secretaries of state offices and county boards of elections, Just the News added.


The attorneys and volunteers will identify and report any irregularities in voting. They can raise questions or concerns via the designated “Election Integrity Hotline,” connecting to a command center where assigned lawyers will offer guidance to poll watchers on the necessary procedures and help clarify how to address, resolve, or escalate any issues that arise, the RNC said.

Earlier this month, Lara Trump declared her father-in-law to be the most victimized person in the history of the country as he continues to face several criminal charges, most of which could land him in jail.

During a segment with Newsmax TV’s Carl Higbie, the host said, “You guys, since 2015, since he came down the escalator, have battled fake information and yet, with less money than everybody else, have come out on top most times.”

“If you wanna look at a family, and I’ll say a man in Donald Trump, who has nothing but misinformation and disinformation that they like to say on the other side of the aisle thrown at him every single day,” Lara Trump responded.

“I mean, there’s never been anyone in history, I don’t think, that has taken as much incoming as Donald Trump, and yet every day it feels like we are vindicated in so many spaces because at some point, Carl, the truth ultimately comes out,” she said.

In conclusion, the RNC official added, “People are starting to wake up because you can only lie to people so long.”



Meanwhile, Donald Trump’s hush money trial is set to begin in Manhattan on Monday after 12 jurors and six alternates were selected this week.

Michael Avenatti, who represented adult film star Stormy Daniels in an unsuccessful lawsuit against Trump before being convicted of various crimes, spoke,e to MSNBC’s Ari Melber from the California prison where he’s serving his 19-year sentence on Tuesday evening, telling the host he is one of those who doesn’t believe Trump will get a fair trial.

“I don’t think that he can get a fair trial in New York. And to the people who claim that in fact, he can get a fair trial in New York with a New York jury, I would ask them, if they were to go to sleep tonight and wake up tomorrow and find out that the case had been moved to Mississippi or Alabama, would they still think the trial was going to be fair?” Avenatti said.