Trump Lawyer Says E. Jean Carroll Will Get ‘ZERO’ From $83M, Will Pay Trump’s Legal Bill


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Trump lawyer Alina Habba tore into E. Jean Carroll this week, calling her “crazy” and promising Carroll will get “ZERO” from the bombshell $83 million defamation award.

During an interview on the Patrick Bet-David-hosted “PBD Podcast,” Habba vowed to sue Carroll for former President Donald Trump’s legal fees.

Habba represented the losing side in the case that resulted in Trump being hit with a bombshell $83.3 million judgment for defaming Carroll while he was president. Trump has posted a massive $91.6 million bond to proceed with his appeal of the bombshell judgment.

In one segment, Habba was asked how much of the $83 million award Carroll would get, and Habba went off, vowing Trump’s victim will not only get “ZERO” but that she’s going to sue Carroll for attorney’s fees.

Below is a brief transcript of the exchange:

PATRICK BET-DAVID: How much of the 83 million is she going to see?

ALINA HABBA: Zero! Zero. And then I’m going to sue for attorney’s fees.


PATRICK BET-DAVID: Oh, I can’t wait for that.

ALINA HABBA: Oh, yeah!

PATRICK BET-DAVID: So she can’t go shopping. You mean she can’t buy —

ALINA HABBA: (sing-song) She can’t buy her friends — oh, I watched that. I said I said, Reid Hoffman, I hope you’re watching. DNC. I hope you’re watching. This is the person. This is the person you picked? She. Look, I couldn’t talk about her cat’s name. I couldn’t talk about that.

VIDEO CLIP You talked about using some of Trump’s money that you’re about to get us to help shore up women’s rights. Do you know what that might be? What that might look like?

E. JEAN CARROLL: I have such great ideas for all the good I’m going to do with this money!

CO-HOST: Psycho!

Habba claimed that if Carroll had talked about her cat’s name and Trump’s assault, it would have been proof of her insanity, not Trump’s defamation.


Habba made similar remarks earlier this month, cautioning E. Jean Carroll against making any big purchases of motorcycles or penthouse apartments after projecting that Trump would prevail in the defamation case.

During an interview on Newsmax with host Eric Bolling, Alina Habba attacked Carroll for offering to purchase MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow a penthouse apartment and new clothes following a jury’s decision to order Trump to pay Carroll $83.3 million for defamation.

“It was like being in an epic Twilight Zone where no rules were allowed but for the other side, and then she goes out there and gloats and says she’s gonna buy France, and a wardrobe, and a motorcycle, and this and that. I want everyone to remember, and I said this in my closing argument to the jury, she’s here to get a check and after this she will continue. She didn’t care, you know, about the defamation. She didn’t. She cared about the publicity,” Habba said.

“On appeal, those rulings will come up, the one-sidedness will come up, and we will prevail,” predicted Habba, before concluding, “My advice to her would be not to go ahead and purchase any motorcycles or penthouse apartments.”


Carroll’s remark during “The Rachel Maddow Show” incited anger as it seemed to undermine her defamation lawsuit against Trump.

In a defamation lawsuit, a federal jury recently ruled that Trump must pay Carroll $83.3 million in damages. This verdict was based on his denial of sexually assaulting her in the 1990s.

Carroll filed a defamation lawsuit against Trump for remarks he made in 2019, in which he vehemently denied her rape allegations.

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