Trump Cognitive Test Speech Interrupted by Medical Emergency


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Former President Donald Trump’s address was disrupted due to a medical emergency in the crowd.

Before the GOP state primary on February 8, the 45th president delivered a speech in Las Vegas, Nevada, and advocated for implementing obligatory cognitive assessments for individuals seeking political positions. The cognitive ability of President Joe Biden has been extensively scrutinized in political analysis, as he has exhibited numerous gaffes and verbal slips during his campaign speeches.

Trump paused his speech, pointed towards someone in the crowd, and said: “Medical. Medical please,” he added. “Are they OK? Doctor in the house, thank you.”

“I love those people, you know they’re waiting outside for 10 hours ,12 hours? I love you, darling,” he added. “We don’t want to see anybody, even the other side, we don’t want to see them hurt.”

He stated that he would not have interrupted the speech if he had been delivering the State of the Union address. However, he did acknowledge the high temperature outside before expressing gratitude once more to the medical staff for their assistance. After approximately three minutes, he continued the speech, uttering: “Very well, let us commence.”



At another point in the rally, Trump issued a direct challenge to Biden.

“I really believe it’s important,” the former president said. “I don’t know. They say it’s not constitutional. I don’t know why. They say it’s not constitutional to take an aptitude or cognitive test, but I think anybody running for president — that includes vice president and maybe even some other positions — I think taking certain tests … would be a good thing, personally. Not based on age, I don’t care if you’re 35 years old, but we want intelligent people. Now, that’s not a pure sign of intelligence, but we want people that are intelligent.”

“Only about 2% in this room can do it, but I did it,” he said. “I did it very easily, but I got mocked. They said, ‘Oh, that’s so easy.’ It’s not easy. It’s not easy — go home and try doing it, OK?”

“You would be amazed at how many people would fail it,” he said.  “How do you think he’d do on a test? He might not get that first question right.”

He then brought his attention to the issues at the southern border.

“When I’m president, instead of trying to send Texas a restraining order, I will send them reinforcements,” the president said to fans at Big League Dreams sports park in Las Vegas.


“Instead of fighting border states, I will use every resource, tool, and authority of the U.S. president to defend the United States of America from this horrible invasion that is taking place right now,” he said.

The former president said that if he wins back the White House, he will “deploy all necessary military and law enforcement resources to seal up the final section of the border.”

“We built over 500 miles of wall,” the former president said. “Usually, you like to know the other side, and you like to know where the other side’s coming from. Nobody to this day can explain why this open wound is good for our country. With the Hispanic vote, we’re doing better now than the Democrat Party. We’re going to repeal the invasion.”

He said when he came into the White House, the border was a disaster, but he did so much to fix it that he could not campaign on the issue in 2020.

“I didn’t have the border to run on because I did such a good job with the border that the border wasn’t an issue,” he said. “I did such a good job. I took it out of play. And now I’m saying the border is in play like it’s never been in play before because what they’ve done is they’ve taken all of the things that I did to make it so good. Literally, we couldn’t put it in a speech. Nobody wanted to hear about the border. We had no border problem.”

“Crooked Joe Biden is fighting Texas to tear down our beautiful border security down there,” the former president said.

“There has never been a country where millions and millions of people can flow in with no vetting, no checking, no nothing,” the former president said.

“We don’t know who they are. We don’t know where they come from, and we have no idea what we’re doing with our country. Our country’s going to hell because of incompetent or bad people,” he said.

He then thanked Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott for triggering the invasion clause to protect his state.

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