Trump Calls For ‘United’ Republican Party Heading Into 2024 Election


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The Republican Party is in a bit of a mess right now, what with the GOP-controlled House unable to choose a Speaker after inexplicably ousting Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) earlier this month and with several Republicans competing for the 2024 presidential nomination.

That said, former President Donald Trump is attempting to play the role of peacemaker and has called on the party to “unite” ahead of the 2024 election so Republicans can remain laser-focused on defeating President Biden and his Democratic Party next year.

In an interview with Just the News, however, the 45th president outlined a strategy for success moving forward.

“Two words: ‘strong and united,'” Trump told Just the News’ John Solomon during the Association of Mature American Citizens 2024 presidential election town hall series.

“We need stronger people. We have such power and we don’t use it. But the Democrats use that power. And they use it very horribly into weaponization and things that nobody has ever seen outside of a banana republic,” he added.

Just the news added:

The former president was referring to what he and others consider the politicization of federal agencies such as the FBI and Justice Department and a so-called “two-tiered system of justice” in which certain people are prosecuted, and others are not, depending on their religious or political affiliation. 


Next week, the House is expected to elect a new speaker after California GOP Rep. Kevin McCarthy was ousted Wednesday from the post by eight ultra-right Republican House members in a full floor vote.

So far, Republicans have been unable to elect a new Speaker, however. Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan could not garner the requisite 217 votes after three tries, leading the GOP Conference to remove him from consideration during a closed-door meeting Friday.

Since then, several other Republicans have tossed their names in the hat ahead of another planned Speaker vote on Monday, according to reports.

House Majority Whip Tom Emmer of Minnesota, Rep. Byron Donalds of Florida, and Rep. Kevin Hern of Oklahoma have emerged as the top three choices, according to reports, though other names have been floated as well, according to The Hill.

Others, including retired Marine Corps Lt. Gen. Jack Bergman (R-Mich.) are also making a bid.

“The regular functioning of the federal government can’t wait on useless infighting and arguments,” Bergman said in a statement, per The Hill. “What matters right now is choosing a Speaker in order to make sure that our government—and particularly our military—is funded, and that both our homeland and our critical allies are secure in this time of crisis.”

“What we need right now is a Speaker who has experience leading and can put ego aside to work together for the American people. We need a leader who shuns permanent power and recognizes the current crisis of leadership. I’m ready to serve. Together we can end the deadlock, and win the vote,” Bergman said.

But without question, the emerging favorite among the GOP base is Donalds after he was backed by former President Donald Trump.

“I am running to become the next Speaker of the House,” Donalds noted on the X platform on Saturday. He laid out his priorities: Securing U.S. borders; funding government “responsibly;” advancing a conservative agenda; and expanding “our Republican majority.”


“He had received votes for the Speakership from GOP defectors both during McCarthy’s 15-ballot Speaker race in January and during Jordan’s three ballots this week,” The Hill noted.

Several Republicans have already lined up behind Donalds, who would become a historic figure as the first black Speaker should he win.

In January, during the chaotic 15-round Speaker vote that finally resulted in a victory for Kevin McCarthy of California, Rep. Matt Gaetz — who led a handful of GOP malcontents earlier this month to vacate McCarthy’s chair — cast a ballot for Donalds to take the gavel.