Trump Signs An Executive Order To Create A Garden Of American Heroes

President Donald Trump knows how to needle the progressives and make them insane with the simplest of actions.

He did that again late on Friday and as Saturday, the Fourth of July, began they were going insane on Twitter because the president issued an executive order to create a National Garden of American Heroes.

The president asked that various American heroes, black, white, men and women, have statues in the park but that did not stop cries of racism.

The proposed park is set to commemorate “John Adams, Susan B. Anthony, Clara Barton, Daniel Boone, Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, Henry Clay, Davy Crockett, Frederick Douglass, Amelia Earhart, Benjamin Franklin, Billy Graham, Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, Martin Luther King, Jr., Abraham Lincoln, Douglas MacArthur, Dolley Madison, James Madison, Christa McAuliffe, Audie Murphy, George S. Patton, Jr., Ronald Reagan, Jackie Robinson, Betsy Ross, Antonin Scalia, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Harriet Tubman, Booker T. Washington, George Washington, and Orville and Wilbur Wright,” the executive order said.

“America owes its present greatness to its past sacrifices.  Because the past is always at risk of being forgotten, monuments will always be needed to honor those who came before.  Since the time of our founding, Americans have raised monuments to our greatest citizens.  In 1784, the legislature of Virginia commissioned the earliest statue of George Washington, a “monument of affection and gratitude” to a man who ‘unit[ed] to the endowment[s] of the Hero the virtues of the Patriot’ and gave to the world ‘an Immortal Example of true Glory.’ I Res. H. Del. (June 24, 1784).  In our public parks and plazas, we have erected statues of great Americans who, through acts of wisdom and daring, built and preserved for us a republic of ordered liberty,” it said,

“These statues are silent teachers in solid form of stone and metal.  They preserve the memory of our American story and stir in us a spirit of responsibility for the chapters yet unwritten.  These works of art call forth gratitude for the accomplishments and sacrifices of our exceptional fellow citizens who, despite their flaws, placed their virtues, their talents, and their lives in the service of our Nation.  These monuments express our noblest ideals:  respect for our ancestors, love of freedom, and striving for a more perfect union.  They are works of beauty, created as enduring tributes.  In preserving them, we show reverence for our past, we dignify our present, and we inspire those who are to come.  To build a monument is to ratify our shared national project,” it said.

And the president managed to use the executive order to take a swipe at the protesters and rioters who have torn down statues.

“To destroy a monument is to desecrate our common inheritance.  In recent weeks, in the midst of protests across America, many monuments have been vandalized or destroyed.  Some local governments have responded by taking their monuments down.  Among others, monuments to Christopher Columbus, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Francis Scott Key, Ulysses S. Grant, leaders of the abolitionist movement, the first all-volunteer African-American regiment of the Union Army in the Civil War, and American soldiers killed in the First and Second World Wars have been vandalized, destroyed, or removed,” it said.

The executive order was met with scorn from progressives on Twitter.

The president is not naming it the Garden of Perfect. If he did there would be only one statue, one of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, that would be proper.

It is a garden of statues dedicated to those who helped build this nation. Good people, but flawed people as everyone is.