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Trump Spars With Savannah Guthrie Over ‘White Supremacy’ At NBC Townhall

President Donald Trump was again asked about white supremacy during NBC’s town hall Thursday evening, marking what could theoretically be the billionth time thus far in his presidency that he’s been pressed about the otherwise resolved matter.

This particular question was posed by town hall moderator Savannah Guthrie in an attempt to “clear up” what she claimed were some allegedly unresolved matters.

“So let’s clear up a few things from the last one,” she said, referencing the president’s first debate two weeks earlier with Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden.

She continued, “You were asked point-blank to denounce white supremacy. In the moment, you didn’t. You asked some follow up questions. ‘Who, specifically?’ A couple of days later, on a different show ….”

At that moment, the clearly annoyed president interrupted to say, “Oh, you always do this.”

Guthrie ignored the interruption and tried to continue asking her question: “… you denounced white supremacy. My question to you is …”

In response, the president cut her off again to reiterate that he’s already denounced white supremacy numerous times in the past.

He also pointed out that Biden has never once been asked about America’s growing left-wing extremism problem.

“I denounce white supremacy, OK? I’ve denounced white supremacy for years, but you always do it. You always start off with the question,” he said.

Responding to the president’s points, Guthrie then accused him of dodging the question. This prompted him to go ahead and denounce white supremacy again.

“So, are you ready? Are you… Wait. Are you listening? I denounce white supremacy. What’s your next question?” he said.

Guthrie promptly replied by suggesting that the president seems “hesitant” to denounce white supremacy when pressed about it.

“Hesitant? Here we go again!” he exclaimed.

He added, “Every time… In fact, my people came, ‘I’m sure they’ll ask you the white supremacy question.’ I denounce white supremacy.”

He then pivoted back to left-wing extremism, a topic that congressional Democrats and mainstream media figures seem conspicuously hesitant to address.

“And frankly, you want to know something? I denounce Antifa, and I denounce these people on the left that are burning down our cities, that are run by Democrats who don’t know what they’re doing,” he said.

Watch the full back-and-forth exchange below: