Trump Attorney Habba Blasts ‘Third World’ Justice System in Manhattan


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The attorney who also serves as former President Donald Trump’s spokeswoman ripped the Democrat-dominated justice system in New York City as “third world” and indicated that the judge overseeing her client’s hush money trial is regularly violating Trump’s constitutional rights to a fair process.

Lawyer Alina Habba specifically addressed the nearly unprecedented gag order on Trump’s business records criminal trial in Manhattan, the first against a former president.

“The gag orders, the unconstitutionality. I mean, what is more Colombia? Russia? What is more third world?” Habba told Newsmax TV host Carl Higbie. “This is why we have people pouring into our country, running for freedom. And now we’re gonna be like that. You know, we are that. It’s disgusting.”

In Tuesday’s courtroom session, Judge Juan Merchan chastised Trump’s attorney, Todd Blanche, as he vigorously defended Trump against the gag order. Blanche contended that Trump’s responses to political attacks shouldn’t warrant punishment, but Merchan rebuked him, stating that he was “losing all credibility” on the matter.

“What happened in court today with the gag order, and the anger that you’re seeing from these judges; it’s very concerning for me,” Habba said.



Former Arkansas Republican Gov. Mike Huckabee told Newsmax on Tuesday that the ongoing criminal trial of Trump in New York City is a Democratic ploy aimed at “attacking a political opponent using the machinery of government.”

During an appearance on “Wake Up America,” Huckabee pointed out that Trump continues to dominate the news cycle despite being out of office and facing multiple legal cases, while Biden’s public speeches receive scant coverage from major networks.

“Trump has the uncanny ability to control the news cycle, no matter what else is going on,” Huckabee said. “Joe Biden can barely mumble his way through a response to a question if he takes them at all, and he usually takes them from pre-arranged reporters.”


He added that there’s “just nothing newsworthy” about Biden’s Earth Day speech, which he gave on Monday.

“There’s nothing to report other than Joe stumbled his way up onto the stage and had to be helped off,” Huckabee said. “There’s just not a whole lot to talk about with Joe Biden other than things that I’m sure his staff would rather us not talk about.”

He noted further: “With Donald Trump, every day is an adventure. Every day provides some kind of new news story.”

Huckabee suggested that “a lot of people” tuning into Trump’s criminal trial over alleged attempts to conceal payments to adult film star Stormy Daniels remain unconvinced of the former president’s guilt. He hinted that the ongoing legal battles against Trump could actually garner him support from voters.

“I think a lot of people are watching this trial in New York and they’re saying, ‘Let me see if I get this right. Hillary Clinton clearly was involved in trying to rig the 2016 election by the phony Steele dossier that resulted in the complete fabrication of a story called the Russia hoax, and somehow that was fine. She never got really accused or charged with anything,'” Huckabee said.

“Donald Trump is sitting in a New York courtroom for a charge that doesn’t even fit in New York and already had run the statute of limitations,” the former governor continued. “They had to make up a legal strategy in order for this to even go to trial and I think people are saying this is a clear attempt by the current administration to attack a political opponent using the gears of government, and it stinks to high heaven.”

Trump has called the hush money trial, as well as the other legal actions Democratic prosecutors have filed against him, as blatant “election interference” that all goes back to the Biden White House.

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