Trump to Return to NYC Court for Civil Fraud Trial


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Former President Donald Trump will return to New York City next week for the civil fraud trial that could lead to the dissolution of the Trump family business.

According to a source familiar with his travel plans, the former president and 2024 GOP frontrunner plans to fly from Iowa after a rally on Monday and head to the New York State Supreme Court on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, The Messenger reported.

“He wants to be there. This is his personal business, his family business. So it cuts a little closer,” said the source, who was not authorized to publicly speak about Trump’s frame of mind. “He wants to be there to take a stand and show people he’s not backing down.”

Former Trump attorney and fixer Michael Cohen is scheduled to testify on Tuesday, following the testimony of Trump Organization accountants.


“It’s been 5 years since we have seen one another,” Cohen told The Messenger. “I look forward to the reunion.”

Earlier this month, the trial for the Trump Organization officially began, and for three days, Trump sat in court and gave regular press conferences to the national media from right outside the proceedings. In all four of the criminal cases brought against him, Trump has taken an unorthodox approach by publicly discussing the details of the situation and publicly criticizing the judges, court staff, and prosecutors involved.

A source close to Trump claims that the judge’s order to effectively dissolve the Trump Organization was temporarily stayed by a New York State appellate court due to Trump’s advocacy.

Letitia James, the attorney general of New York, has said that she agreed to a stay of that order, calling it “a resolution we proposed.” His motion to halt the ongoing civil trial was denied by the court.


Trump’s first appearance at this ongoing civil trial was first revealed in his $500 million lawsuit against Cohen, which the president has since withdrawn. Cohen had sought to depose the former president on October 2, 2023.

After hearing that Trump felt it was “imperative” for him to be in court “each day” of the first week, a federal judge in Florida agreed to postpone the deposition for one week. The former president appeared for the first three days, then jetted off to Florida and formally dismissed the case the day before his rescheduled deposition.

The historic case against a former president reveals the inner workings and deal-making of a prominent American cultural figure who rode his tabloid-fueled, TV-boosted persona to the Oval Office.

Early polls show a statistical tie between Trump and Vice President Joe Biden, despite Trump’s apparent dominance over his Republican primary opponents.

Because all of the cases against him have been brought by Democrats, Democratic administrations, or Democratic judges, Trump fundamentally views his legal problems as political. Experts and critics in the field of law have portrayed the cases as the inevitable outcome of the law finally catching up with a repeat offender.

In New York, Trump is expected to reiterate his two main points: that there was no fraud in the case because no one was defrauded, and that the judge’s prior opinion in the case was flawed because it relied on a government property appraisal for his Mar-a-Lago club that failed to account for the true market value of the historic building and 20 acres in Palm Beach, Florida.

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