Trump World Expands as Former Aides Launch MAGA-Focused Orgs and PACS

Written by Jonathan Davis

OPINION: This article contains commentary which reflects the author's opinion

Aides to Donald Trump are capitalizing on the political momentum generated by his Conservative Political Action Conference speech Sunday to launch new organizations and super PACs focused on building on the ‘MAGA’ brand.

A new soon-to-be-launched group called the America First Policy Institute was founded by Brooke Rollins, who spent about three years in Trump’s White House as his chief policy adviser.

A strong pro-Trump advocate and champion of his USA-centric policies, Rollins has already hired about 30 people thus far and rented office space in Arlington, Va, according to Politico, which added that she says she’s already raised millions of dollars.

And she’s certainly not alone: A growing list of former Trump White House officials are also establishing new organizations that will push his agenda including former campaign manager Brad Parscale and Trump’s HUD secretary Dr. Ben Carson.

During his CPAC speech, Trump teased a 2024 presidential bid when he mused about beating the Democrats and the deep state “three times” — a reference to his and his supporters’ belief that the November election was rigged against him (which Time magazine essentially admitted last month).

Interestingly, there is great donor interest in funding a range of issues and projects that Trump supported while in office and they’re ready to open their checkbooks to keep his agenda alive and well, Politico noted.

These same donors who were constrained by campaign finance laws are now free to give more generously to Trump-aligned causes and organizations.

“I think the investors that are out there…are really, really excited” about the rise of political organizations dedicated to promoting Trump and his policy initiatives Rollins told Politico. “For the people that are funding us, they get it, they see the vision, they understand what’s at stake.”

Parscale’s new org, American Greatness Fund, isn’t so much centered on the former president but its objectives are clearly MAGA-centric.

Politico notes:

The group’s mission statement describes it as a “nonprofit social welfare organization devoted to retaining, cultivating, and inspiring the grassroots energy of the ‘Make America Great Again’” movement. The organization, it adds, will focus on voter integrity issues by creating a website that will catalog legal and legislative efforts surrounding elections and combat what it describes as “cancel culture against conservatives.”

Another former Trump campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, has formed Fight Back Now America, a PAC dedicated to “supporting candidates and policies that seek to advance the America First Agenda,” according to its website.

Carson, meanwhile, has been busy establishing the American Cornerstone Institute which will focus on election integrity.

He’s also set up the Think BIG America PAC, which will also fund election integrity initiatives as well as political candidates.

Russ Vought, Trump’s Office of Management and Budget director, has established the Center for American Restoration, which will concentrate on the president’s conservative populism.

We’re “taking all those ideas that we built out over the last four years and leaning into them,” Rollins said.

Frankly, this is fantastic news for Trump’s legions of supporters and terrible news for the DC RINO establishment.

It reaffirms a couple of things — first, Trump and Trumpism aren’t going away, much to the chagrin of the RINOs in DC’s establishment.

And also, Trumpism has inspired a growing force of well-heeled, smart, politically savvy people who are perpetuating and growing the successful policies of the Trump administration.

This rising MAGA force will be needed in the months and years ahead to countermand the Biden/Harris assault on our fundamental founding principles.