Big Update On Trump’s New York Conviction Appeal


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Lawyers for former President Donald Trump have begun the process of appealing his 34 felony convictions stemming from a guilty verdict last week in his so-called ‘hush money’ trial in Manhattan.

Fox News’ Eric Shawn reported that, however, the process isn’t likely to be a slam dunk for Trump, considering the incestuous political nature of the Democrat-heavy environment in New York, which includes the selection of appeals court judges.

“Former President Trump’s appeal will be heard in the courthouse behind me. The New York State appellate court first division. But you know, before the justices took the bench here, many of them happened to have given campaign contributions to Democratic candidates,” Shawn told “America’s Newsroom” on Tuesday. “One of the justices donated to Hillary Clinton.

“There are 21 justices on this appellate court and all of them, but one was appointed by a Democratic New York governor; federal and state campaign records show at least 14 of the 21 justices gave campaign contributions to Democrats in the past,” Shawn continued.

“In some cases, even when they were serving as a judge in the lower court. The newest appellate court judge is Justice Marsha Michael, who was appointed eight months ago by Governor Hochul. In 2014, Justice Michael ran for an assembly seat in the Democratic primary in The Bronx and was endorsed by the New York City public advocate Letitia James, who is the state’s attorney general who prosecuted Trump in his real estate trial last year,” Shawn continued.


“James and the judge on the campaign stump in 2014, but Judge Michael lost that election. Two months ago, it was Judge Michael who ruled against Trump when his lawyers tried to stop Judge Merchan’s trial from starting days before opening statements,” the Fox News correspondent continued.

“Another justice here gave thousands of dollars in campaign contributions for Democrats before she took the bench. Federal Election Commission records show the justice gave $2,000 to Sen. Chuck Schumer’s campaign in 1997, Hillary Clinton’s New York Senate race, Howard Dean’s presidential campaign in 2003, and $1,700 to Democratic campaign committees,” Shawn added.



Democrats may be feeling somewhat giddy now that former President Donald Trump is officially a convicted felon — for the time being — but they shouldn’t be, according to a new analysis in Politico.

Outlet op-ed editor Jamie Dettmer began his analysis by noting that, in 1960, then-GOP presidential nominee Richard Nixon opted not to potentially put the country through a “constitutional crisis” by challenging the election results in Illinois and Texas “amid credible allegations of election fraud and ballot stuffing.”

He did that because, as he told a journalist friend, Earl Mazo, “Our country cannot afford the agony of a constitutional crisis.” Had he successfully challenged the results, however, he would have defeated Democratic nominee John F. Kennedy by two Electoral College votes.


Dettmer then noted that Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg ignored the decisions by his predecessor, Cyrus Vance, Jr., and federal agencies—the FEC and the DOJ—not to pursue any charges against Trump because they couldn’t find any.

“Of course, whether Bragg’s courtroom victory in securing Trump’s conviction on 34 felony counts of falsifying business records to cover up a sex scandal will pass muster in the appeal courts is another matter — there are plenty of reputable legal experts who suspect a Trump appeal will eventually be successful,” he wrote. “Regardless, with two cases down and another three to go — federal cases in Florida and Washington, and an election-tampering case brought by a state prosecutor in Georgia — Democrats are in a triumphal mood.”

He added: “But they shouldn’t be.”

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