Chris Christie Calls Trump’s Legal Team ‘National Embarrassment’

Written by Carmine Sabia

When the entire world is against you and it looks like you are on your back and in need of help that is when your best friends are supposed to be there for you.

But apparently former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie missed that memo because he shredded President Donald Trump on Sunday, Mediaite reported.

Former New Jersey governor Chris Christie (R), a prominent ally to Donald Trump, called the president’s legal team “a national embarrassment” and said it’s time to end their attempt to challenge the 2020 Election results.

Christie joined George Stephanopoulos on Sunday for This Week’s panel discussion, where he spoke against Trump’s refusal to start facilitating a transition of power. He said Trump and his team have had plenty of time to make their voter fraud case and dispute the results, but then Christie kicked things up a notch and said “the conduct of the president’s legal team has been a national embarrassment.”

Christie especially honed in on Sidney Powell, who pushed a multitude of wild, conspiracy theory-type claims while representing Trump. He noted that she has accused Republican governor of Georgia Brian Kemp of criminal actions, and yet, she has never produced any evidence to back up any of her claims on TV.

Court cases are still ongoing and Powell claims to have devastating evidence, but so many of the president’s friends, like Christie and Fox News host Tucker Carlson have begun to abandon ship.

It is true that if Powell does not produce the evidence she claims to have she will be humiliated, but for some that is more reason to believe she does have it.

And if she does have it why would she show her hand to the media and by extension the Biden team before she has to?

But that did not stop Christie from continuing to lace into Powell and the entire Trump campaign team of attorneys.

“This is outrageous conduct by any lawyer, and notice, George, they won’t do it inside the courtroom. They allege fraud outside the courtroom, but when they go inside the courtroom, they don’t plead fraud and they don’t argue fraud,” the former governor said.

“I have been a supporter of the president’s, I voted for him twice, but elections have consequences and we cannot continue to act as if something happened here that didn’t happen. You have an obligation to present the evidence, the evidence has not been presented, and you must conclude — as Tucker Carlson even concluded the other night — that if you are unwilling to come forward and present the evidence, it must mean the evidence doesn’t exist,” Christie said.

“That’s what I was concerned about on election night, and I remain concerned today. I think it’s wrong. I think … you’ve heard lots of Republicans starting to say this ― I said it on election night ― and I hope more say it going forward because the country is what has to matter the most. As much as I’m a strong Republican and I love my party, it’s the country that has to come first,” he said.

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