Tucker Calls Liberal Recruiter Threatening Ottawa Truckers ‘Satanic’


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Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson delivered an explosive segment that took aim at “satanic” leftists and how they are taking over every facet of life.

During a segment on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” conservative commentator Candace Owens and Carlson reacted to a Canadian Human Resources recruiter that posted a video on TikTok threatening the livelihoods of people that protested in the trucker convoy earlier this year.

Below is a transcript of the exchange:

Carlson: “It turns out there are a lot of sinister people in workplaces all over the country,e particular in big companies, and almost all of them work in the H.R. Department. Here’s a video from Canada showing an actual human resources executive informing the Ottawa truckers and their supporters that they can never work again because she holds the key to the future. (Laughs) Watch this!”


[Clip starts]
UNKNOWN FEMALE: “Look at you freedom fighters, ‘freedumb’ fighters. We always had freedom, you know, the charters and rights and freedom would tell you that, but since you seem to forget that and you are all loud and proud with your big thoughts and big ideas and you want to to whatever, [bleep], set up hot tubs in Ottawa, I am a recruiter. (…) So, if you’re looking for a job, or maybe trying to keep a job, maybe, just maybe, think about what you are putting on social media. (…) Recruiters are watching, H.R. is watching everywhere, and we hate you.”
[Clip ends]

Carlson: “So even if you are not religious, even if you are an atheist, you will have to concede that’s satanic.

Candace Owens is the founder of the charity Blexit, she joins us tonight. Hey, Candace, that is the person in control of your future.”

OWENS: “What is it about TikTok that brings out these adult mental illnesses?”


Carlson: “Yes! Yes! (Laughs)”

OWENS: “I can’t figure out what it is about this app that people that are people mentally unstable go on it and must say, ‘Hi, I am a crazy person and listen to me speak about these issues.’ By the way, is this the weirdest flex ever? ‘I am an H.R. recruiter and I will be able to control your entire life.’ Like, she is bonkers, she is out of her mind. But she is also so emblematic of the left increasingly having this issue with mental illness, just fully on display, and we’re pretending that it is not everywhere around us. She is angry because people like freedom. She is using the word ‘freedom’ like it’s a dirty word. ‘We are going to find you, we know you like to be free. We know you like to breathe without a mask. We know you like to have control over your own body and not be force-vaccinated by your government. We know that you like to move across state lines without your government telling you no. And I am an H.R. recruiter and I am here to stop that, Tucker.’ I mean, what an absolute crazy person.”

Carlson: “(Laughs) It’s such a nice description. And yet, she has all the power. I mean, she is not exaggerating, she has the power to prevent your kids from getting jobs, you from keeping your job. Damn the destruction it causes. Speaking of democracy, that’s about as undemocratic as I can imagine.”

OWENS: “Well, this is why it’s not an exaggeration at all to say the left is in a cult, because what you’re looking at right there is somebody that is committed to an ideological colt. She does not know why she is saying these things, but she knows that people that want to go outside and enjoy their lives, in her cult that is not allowed, in her existence that is not allowed, and she needs to exert power and control over those people in the only way she knows how, which I guess it is in the H.R. recruitment center of wherever it is that she works. You know, in reality, if we lived in a fair society, ‘The Washington Post’ would not be putting somebody on suspension over liking a tweet, but this woman, of course, would be fired. You would say, ‘Hey, you are mentally unstable, you are not fit to hold a job over other human beings.’ But we don’t live in that same society, Tucker, so don’t even think about it.”


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