‘Mad Scramble For Power’: Tucker Describes What It Will Look Like When Biden ‘Inevitably’ Steps Down


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Fox News host Tucker Carlson dropped some major news over the weekend about President Joe Biden.

While delivering the keynote speech at Iowa’s Family Leadership Summit, Carlson suggested that Biden will not run for re-election in 2024.

Carlson argued it’s very likely that former President Donald Trump will run for president again and secure the Republican nomination.


However, Carlson believes it’s “unclear” who might run on the Democrats’ side. He argued that those closest to Biden will not admit that he’s stepping down after his term, claiming there will be a “mad scramble for power” by the Democrats once this happens.

Carlson predicted the scramble would start the day after November’s midterm elections.

“You have all the power,” he told the audience, “you can decide who represents you and on the basis of what issues.” Politicians are “very simple organisms,” he quipped, but all they want to do is “win elections.”

During a segment Friday night on his Fox News program, Carlson argued that “the problem with Joe Biden is that he’s cognitively unable to serve.”

Below is a transcript of Carlson’s remarks:


Carlson: “The problem with Joe Biden as he is cognitively unable to serve. But take three steps back, that is not Joe Biden’s fault, it’s not his fault he has dementia. The fact that Joe Biden is president is an indictment of the media and the Democratic Party because they have known, not sure what they are telling you now. Joe Biden’s decline, his full-blown senility has been obvious for more than three years. We noticed it and we are not doctors. By the way, we had no special animus towards Joe Biden, at all. But we watched it. We checked today. On May 14th, 2019.”


Carlson: “Everyone paid to prognosticate on television still considered by the prohibitive front runner in he checked every box, therefore, he must get the nomination pair that is how they think because they are dumb. What they are leaving out of the equation is Biden himself. Watch this video and ask yourself, is Joe Biden really going to be the democratic nominee, much less the president of the United States? Keep in mind, that we have not altered it in any way. This is entirely real. Watch.”

Reporter: “Vice President Biden, do you have a comment on the Chinese tariffs?”

Biden: “The answer is yes I do. The president has done nothing but increases the tariffs, the debt, in the trade deficit. The way you have to proceed as we have to have our allies with us. It’s not just us, we have to keep the rest of the world together. Secondly, we should labor — steeler intellectual property, make it. Quote make it a quid pro quo, mak simple. If anything has to be owned, 50% by Chinese by China, guess what, in America, it is the same thing. This idea of dealing with — the only people who claim the prize is working people right now. Going about it the wrong way. All bravado, no action.”


Carlson: “but wait for a second, you are saying to yourself, that didn’t make any sense. Not a single phrase in a full minute of talking conveyed an intelligible idea. Not one. That wasn’t even worded salad, it was a verbal Jackson Pollock painting. Nouns, verbs, and adjectives spilled like cans of paint bleeding into each other. Sticky, postmodern mess. At one point Biden actually jumped from .2 directly to .4. Letting you know that your old-fashioned linear assumptions about numerical assumptions are no good here, man, that is yesterday’s mathematics.”



Carlson: “So we put that on the air back in 2019. Not because we were particularly against Joe Biden. He seemed a lot better than Beto O’Rourke or mayor Pete. We happen to be watching one day and we were trying to follow what he was saying about China because it seemed important. Not one national news organization had noted at all that this guy couldn’t complete sentences. No one had ever mentioned that. Anyone in Washington who knew Joe Biden, he’d been there since 1972, most like him. He was a friendly guy. This is not the Joe Biden anyone who knew Joe Biden had seen before. He had clearly changed, this was cognitive decline, this was dementia, obviously.”


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