‘Wait, Where’s The Steroid Guy?’ Tucker Goes Nuclear On CNN, Chris Cuomo


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Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson went scorched earth when he revealed “all you need to know” about CNN and one of their top star’s elitist attitudes.

During a segment on Tucker Carlson Tonight, the host detailed what he found and it may even be shocking for critics of CNN.

“So as we told you last night, and as you may have noticed, CNN pulled its top-rated anchor Chris Cuomo off the air for the crime of helping his brother,” Carlson said to open the segment.

“But you can’t just pull someone off T.V.; you have to let people know ahead of time. Otherwise, you’re going to have about a dozen people tuning in and wondering, ‘Wait, where’s the steroid guy?’”


Carlson also went after CNN star Brain Stelter’s actions, saying they “tell you very much about CNN” because he wants Cuomo’s job.

“It raises the question: What kind of person is CNN’s media critic?” he asked before dropping a bombshell.

“We’ve come across audio that answers that question,” Carlson revealed. “Here is … Brian Stelter explaining to a group of people that he has fired his nanny, who of course remains nameless because she refused to get the [COVID-19 vaccine].”

Carlson then played audio of Stelter talking about the firing.

“You know, me and my wife both work full-time, we both make enough money to have a nanny during the day in New York. And our nanny refuses to get vaccinated so we are parting ways with her,” Stelter is heard saying in the undercover audio. “It was very very sad, we thought after six months after seeing the vaccines were all good and everything is fine. We thought she’d come around.”

“So the headline here is that CNN’s media critic dismissed … his little non-white servant because she didn’t obey. And that is, quote, ‘very very sad,’” he said.

Carlson asked whether Stelter had done anything to help his former nanny after dismissing her, considering Stelter’s considerable wealth.

“We don’t really care what happens to our servants, do we?” Carlson asked. “We asked CNN today, but of course we got no answer at all — which is itself an answer. It’s: ‘We don’t know. And we don’t care.’”

“That tells you a lot.”


CNN anchor Chris Cuomo was suspended indefinitely on Tuesday by the network after documents revealed he had assisted his brother Andrew Cuomo, who was serving as the governor of New York at the time, as he faced a slew of sexual harassment accusations that led to the governor’s resignation.

Thousands of pages of evidence released on Monday by New York Attorney General Letitia James revealed that Chris Cuomo had been involved in speaking with then-Gov. Cuomo’s staff about helping him deal with the accusations against him.

It didn’t take long for critics to lambaste Chris Cuomo for helping his brother behind the scenes with advice on how to navigate the sexual harassment allegations against the governor.

David Harsanyi, National Review: “Chris Cuomo helped his brother cover up his role in the deaths of thousands of elderly NYers. And no one at CNN had a problem with it.”

Jesse Kelly, political commentator: “REMINDER: Andrew Cuomo (and now Chris Cuomo) only went down because DEMOCRATS decided to take them down. They were clearing out the governor’s mansion for other New York Democrats. The GOP would never have enough spine to actually take out an opponent like that.” He continued, “Also, the biggest loser in the Cuomo suspension is Don Lemon. He’s so talentless that Cuomo had to stay over and do the A block of his show with him every night. That’s the most important block in TV. Poor Lemon needed Daddy to hold his hand. Now, he’s alone.”


John Cardillo, political commentator: “Fredo finally got whacked.”

Isaac Chotiner, The New Yorker: “Even if you think his personal behavior was bad, you have to admit that losing Cuomo is a blow to journalism that will take at least five seconds to recover from.”

Joe Concha, The Hill: “Chris Cuomo suspended indefinitely. Hard to see how the 9pm anchor returns given the overwhelming evidence of journalistic malfeasance. And if asking who the replacement will be at 9p, I have my money on Acosta. He’s exactly what CNN has become in terms of partisan pious snark.”


Caleb Hull, political strategist: “Never forget that Chris Cuomo left his house while he knew he had COVID-19 and got into a fight with a cyclist. Then he made a spectacle of when he ‘came out of quarantine’ after two weeks like he never left. CNN never fired him for this.”

Kim Bellware, The Washington Post: “This Cuomo stuff is just so wild for those of us who know we could literally be fired for a mild-sauce tweet.”

Steve Krakauer, political commentator: “While announcing Chris Cuomo’s indefinite suspension, Anderson Cooper was sitting next to … Jeffrey Toobin, who returned in June from an indefinite suspension.”

Josh Dawsey, The Washington Post: “Fallout from Cuomo scandal has been wide: Chris Cuomo suspended at CNN. Alphonso David ousted as head of Human Rights Campaign. Tina Tchen out as CEO of Time’s Up, after Robbie Kaplan left board over it. Two other longtime Cuomo advisers out at Kivvit firm. And more…” He added, “As one longtime Cuomo person said to me last night: ‘It was such a dark and cynical place. I didn’t really realize that until I left.’”

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