Tucker Carlson Reveals How Barack Obama Ruined Joe Biden’s Campaign With 1 Move

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden jumped out to an early lead in the polls, but his campaign has been slipping ever since.

It seems as if it’s only a matter of time before the former vice president’s campaign fully falls apart.

And things just got worse for the Democrat after Fox News host Tucker Carlson just revealed how former President Barack Obama ruined Biden’s campaign with one move.

Biden is trying to appeal to voters by arguing he was vice president for eight years under Obama.

But as Carlson explains, it appears that the Biden-Obama bromance was nothing more than a sham.

This is especially true given Obama has refused to endorse Biden’s presidential campaign or say one thing publicly in favor of the former VP.

This is going to harm Biden’s campaign big time, Carlson argued.

“It was all fake, though, it turns out. In the end, Obama is not going to be there for Joe Biden. In fact, his eternal friendship has already ended. It didn’t even make it through the next presidential term. Instead of helping his trusted friend run for the presidency, Obama has refused to endorse Joe Biden. According to some reports, Obama repeatedly urged Biden not to run. ‘You don’t have to do this,’ Tucker warned Biden.

“Obama, it turns out, cares about one thing — himself. He is obsessed with his political legacy. Every day that Biden stays on the campaign trail, he is detracting from that legacy. Why?” Carlson asked.

Tucker continued: “Weeks ago, we told you not to believe the polls. The polls say that Joe Biden is the front-runner for the Democratic nomination. And, in fact, as of today, he still is. The polls tell you he has got a very good chance of being the president.”

“But that’s not real. Biden officially is still in the lead. And yet, let’s be completely honest, Biden’s campaign is not a real campaign. It’s a zombie effort. It lurches from one blunder to another until finally, some catastrophe will put it out of its misery,” he added.

Obama not only refuses to endorse Biden, he also repeatedly urged his VP not to run for president.

Earlier this month, it was reported that Obama warned Biden about making the biggest mistake of his life and running for president in 2020.

“You don’t have to do this, Joe, you really don’t,” Obama told Biden before he officially launched his presidential campaign in April.

Obama huddled with top Biden aides in March to implore they insure that the former vice president does not “damage his legacy” or “embarrass himself.”

Obama and Biden met over lunch last, where the former president urged the White House hopeful to recruit fresher faces to his campaign.

He has communicated his frustration that Mr. Biden’s closest advisers are too old and out of touch with the current political climate — urging him to include more younger aides.

Like Obama, many continue to question whether Biden is mentally fit to hold any public office.

Obama’s No. 2 has also been called out for flip-flopping on several issues, disgustingly putting his hands all over a 10-year-old girl, and grabbing a reporters arm during a campaign stop.

Despite all of this, Biden is still the Democratic front-runner and darling of the Left.

But can he secure the Democratic nomination without an endorsement from Obama?

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