Tucker Carlson Announces Major New Media Venture


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Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson is not going to allow his old network to defeat him, and that is why his new announcement likely has his old bosses shaken.

Following in the footsteps of the man who held his timeslot of weeknights at 8 PM, Bill O’Reilly, when he was axed from Fox News, Tucker is starting his own, subscription-based, news service on his website.

“Hey, it’s Tucker Carlson. We’ve been out of work for 7 or 8 months now, hard to know. Time flies when you’re unemployed, but actually, we have been working in secret and producing an awful lot of material for months now, interviews, etc. And all of it has found its way to,” he said in a video on X, formerly Twitter.

He said that the subscription service is part of a more grand plan he has for his future.

“We’re launching a brand new thing very soon, and we’d love for you to see it. So go to to see it first,” he said.


Carlson has broken his silence on what he believes got him axed from his job as host of his show on the network.

Carlson often led his competition in the ratings by a wide margin, so many were stunned when he was unceremoniously removed from his show, and many fans were furious.

The former Fox News host spoke to Roseanne Barr on her podcast last week and shed some light on what he believes may have been the reasons Fox News decided to get rid of him.

“I didn’t expect to get, you know, my show canceled Monday morning,” he said. “But I wasn’t, if I took three steps back, I was not surprised at all. First of all, television is like that. People get fired. There are all kinds of lines that no one will explain explicitly.”

“They were very nice to me the entire time I was there, but I could feel that they strongly disagreed in the war in Ukraine stuff,” he said. “But they really didn’t like that at all. The January 6th stuff.”

Carlson had hinted on his show that he believed federal agents were part of the crowd on January 6 and instigated the riot. That assertion has not been proven by any facts, but Carlson continues to believe that was the case.

“I think a bunch of people quit over that,” he said. “Chris Wallace should not be on television or Jonah Goldberg or you know what I mean? These are people who obviously the audience hated and shouldn’t have been there in the first place, but they were so outraged because they said. You know, it seems like there probably a lot of feds in the crowd on January 6th.”

In November, Carlson made news with a stunning prediction about the 2024 presidential campaign.


He said that he doesn’t believe President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump will actually face off against each other again.

By referring to Biden as “senile,” Carlson claimed he wasn’t being cruel, but it was “just true.” He went on to say that while Trump is dealing with 90 or more charges stemming from four separate indictments, Biden is losing ground to Trump in the polls.

“Take the opponent out of the race, and they’re still losing,” he noted. “So, I mean, I don’t know what’s going to happen. This is not going to be a race between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. I would bet my beloved fishing camp in Maine that that is not going to happen. That’s not going to happen.”

“So what will happen?” he asked. “Well, I don’t know. One of, like, 400 distinct other possibilities… pick one.”

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But one of the possibilities is particularly worrisome to Carlson.

“If it’s Gavin Newsom,” he stated, “we should be very, very concerned. That guy’s scary, and I mean it. I mean it. Scary. But that’s a whole separate conversation.”

“These issues will be forced,” he said. “Soon. Like, in a year. And the road from here to November 2024 is going to be filled with developments nobody in this room could foresee; I can promise you that. So, it’s about to get very serious, for sure. Only the leadership of the world is at stake, which is also, by the way, we now know, the most lucrative possible franchise in human history.”