Two most important principles of marriage and other relationships everyone should know

unconditional love and acceptance
unconditional love and acceptance

unconditional love and acceptance

We all dream of perfect relations with our spouse, children, parents, friends, relatives and acquaintances. Here are the two universal principles, adhering to which we can create wonderful relationships with all people.

First principle is “Unconditional Love”

Everyone needs love and support. We do whatever it takes to gain the love of others around us. This motive is usually used against us. However, we ourselves often try to manipulate others with the help of love.

For example thinking things such as:

I will love you, if you…

How can I love you, if you…

Unconditional love is a love without any conditions, without “if”, “when”, etc. We just love a person and express our feelings not when he or she did something well or as we need, but always.

Parents often use the help of love with goals of manipulation, consciously or unconsciously. However, for the child there is nothing more important and more expensive than parental love, and they are ready for everything for their parents – wash the dishes, clean up for themselves, and learn the lessons taught. Sooner or later this lever of management exhausts itself and becomes much less effective, and the rest of the life leaves their kids feeling that they should be loved for something.

Second principle is “Acceptance”

To build a good and harmonious relationship, you need to learn to accept a person as he or she is. We must abandon our attempts to change them and adjust ourselves instead.

It is very difficult. Especially with people you do not always want to, but need to communicate with (parents, children, spouse, etc). Try to understand that their personalities that are different from you and they have the right to do so. They have the right to habits that you do not like – although they might not like your habits either. They have the right to make mistakes, they have the right to their opinion, etc.

Accept them as they are, and spend your efforts on changing yourself. Believe me, this will bring much more results.

The formula for perfect relationships:

Unconditional Love + Acceptance = Wonderful Relationship

Main thing to keep in mind is that any relationship is a job. Relationships need to be created and constantly improved. All relationships are our reliable and a constant source of joy and inspiration.