Texas Democratic Rep. Henry Cuellar Wants Harris Replaced As ‘Border Czar’


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Texas Democrat Rep. Henry Cuellar, who represents an area along the southern border, has given up on Vice President Kamala Harris.

Cuellar is calling for Harris to be replaced as the “border czar.”

“I’ve moved on from the vice president to say, ‘OK, let’s work with the ambassadors and let’s work with the State Department. Let’s work with the Homeland Secretary,'” Cuellar said.

“I think that’s the way to address it, but I know that the media has put a lot of focus on the vice president, but with all due respect, she was given that title. I don’t think she’s, with all due respect, put the effort in there…We’ve got to look at other folks that have the expertise on that,” Cuellar added.

Fox News reported:

So far in Fiscal Year 2022, the RGV sector has seen more than 65,000 migrant encounters to date, a 161% increase over the same period last year. In nearby Del Rio Sector, there has been a 236% increase in encounters over the same period last year. There have so far been 6,500 known gotaways in the sector alone.


The Biden administration has been tackling a massive crisis at the southern border since shortly after it came into office. More than 1.7 million migrants were encountered in Fiscal Year 2021, and more than 192,000 migrants were encountered in September alone. Biden rescinded border security policies enacted by the previous administration via executive order during his first days in office.

The number of migrants apprehended at the U.S. southern border in October surged 128% from the same time last year, according to data released Monday by Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

CBP data showed 164,303 migrant encounters along the southern border in October, a rate that has skyrocketed since October 2020, when there were 71,929 apprehensions.

Harris, who was appointed by Joe Biden to serve as the “border czar,” has been under fire for months over her failure to visit the crisis at the border.

Her approval ratings are also horrendous.

According to a new Rasmussen poll, only 39 percent of likely voters have a favorable impression of Harris, with a whopping 57 percent saying they have an unfavorable view of her.

Harris is further underwater among those who have strong views of her.


While 19 percent of likely voters say they have a very favorable opinion of the vice president, fully half (50 percent) of all respondents say they have a very unfavorable impression.

Rumors are flying that Biden’s administration is at least looking into the idea of replacing Harris as vice president and having her nominated to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court.

White House insiders are painting a picture of total chaos and discontent between Biden and Harris, according to CNN.

“Kamala Harris is a leader but is not being put in positions to lead,” a top Democratic donor said. “[Biden] should be putting her in positions to succeed, as opposed to putting weights on her. If you did give her the ability to step up and help her lead, it would strengthen you and strengthen the party.”

The CNN report also claims there’s a rumor that Biden has considered booting Harris from the vice presidency altogether and nominating her to a Supreme Court vacancy.

“That chatter has already reached top levels of the Biden orbit, according to one person who’s heard it,” CNN reported.

CNN’s report claims Biden allies in the administration have avoided dealing with Harris because they see “entrenched dysfunction and lack of focus” from her.

“She’s perceived to be in such a weak position that top Democrats in and outside of Washington have begun to speculate privately, asking each other why the White House has allowed her to become so hobbled in the public consciousness, at least as they see it,” the report said. “Republicans and right-wing media turned Harris into a political target from the moment she was picked for the ticket. And implicit racism and sexism have been constant.”

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