U.S. House Passes $740 Billion Defense Bill; Fight With Trump Looms

The Democratic-controlled U.S. House of Representatives on Tuesday passed its version of the National Defense Authorization Act.

However, there’s a catch.

Buried deep inside the $740 billion bill is an amendment that would require military bases named after Confederate figures to change their name.

The measure passed in the House by a vote of 295 to 125 and will now head to the GOP-controlled Senate for negotiations.

Trump has already vowed to veto the bill if it featured this “porcupine provision,” as some have called it.

“Section 2829 is part of a sustained effort to erase from the history of the Nation those who do not meet an ever-shifting standard of conduct,” the White House said in a statement deploring a “left-wing cultural revolution.”

Patriot Journal reported:

The Democrat-run House has just passed major funding to keep our military and defense programs running.

The bill will provide $740 billion to the Pentagon for our national defense.

Sounds like a win for the president, right? After all, he continues to put the safety of the United States first.

But it seems like the left slipped in their own “porcupine provision.” What’s that? In business, it’s an attempt to discourage unwanted takeovers.

In this case, they’re daring Trump to deal with the spiky porcupine they’ve put inside or to veto the whole thing.

And Trump has said he is willing to veto it.

President Trump has been outspoken against the removal of Confederate statues and the changing of bases with Confederate leaders’ names.

He has warned in the past that those who want to remove Confederates from our history will not stop at that.

In recent months, he’s been proven right as radical activists vandalized and tore down statues of Columbus, Washington, and Lincoln.

It appears Trump and other conservatives view Congress’ attempt to remove Confederate names as a petty attempt at appeasing the radical left.

The president is promising to veto this bill as a sign he does not support the Marxist movement to erase our history, both the good and the bad.

Numerous conservatives, including avid Trump supporters, have criticized leaders who endorse this movement.

Many worry that the erasing of Confederate leaders’ names will result in a so-called “whitewashing” of our history.

If we are willing to reject men who fought for the Confederacy, then we might reject men like Washington and Jefferson.

After that, we won’t have much of a national identity left, which is what radical leftists wanted all along.

If the president does veto this bill, it will force Congress to pass a spending bill that does not include the removal of Confederate names.