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U.S. Senate Votes 86-2 To Confirm Nardini To Federal Appeals Court

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has been trying his best to slow down President Donald Trump.

Schumer has desperately tried to stop Trump’s agenda and his breakneck pace of reshaping the judiciary, but he has failed spectacularly.

The U.S. Senate overwhelmingly voted to confirm William Nardini, a 19-year veteran of the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Connecticut, to a seat on the New York-based Second Circuit Court of Appeals.

Nardini, who was nominated for a seat on the appeals court by Trump in August, was confirmed on a bipartisan, 86-2 vote.

“It was one of the strongest votes for an appellate court nominee,” said University of Richmond law professor Carl Tobias, an expert on the federal courts. “That’s the way to do nominees.”

The Second Circuit Court of Appeals is a New York-based court and historically liberal. Hopefully, with Nardini on the court, some legal balance can be restored — even if some Democrats fight every step of the way.

In fact, the court is “now split evenly between nominees of both parties,” according to The Connecticut Mirror. This is welcome news and will benefit our judicial system for many years to come.

The CT Mirror reported:

As a judge on the Second Circuit, Nardini will hear appeals from Connecticut, New York, and Vermont. 

The Second Circuit has 13 active judgeships. Of the judges on the bench, three were appointed by Bill Clinton, two by George W. Bush, three by Barack Obama, and — with Nardini’s confirmation — four by Donald Trump.

There is still one vacancy on the court, which Trump has nominated a controversial candidate to fill — Steven Menashi, a 40-year-old White House legal aide.

Menashi, who would fill a New York vacancy on the appeals court, is opposed by his home state’s Democratic senators.

The Senate just made a nearly unanimous decision and the D.C. swamp is obviously stunned.

This major vote comes on the heels of the U.S. Senate confirming Trump’s 154th judicial nominee, giving the president another victory on his campaign promise to remake the federal bench with a conservative bent.

The GOP-controlled Senate has confirmed over 180 conservative judges since Trump took office less than three years ago — and Schumer can’t do anything to stop it.

Analysis shows that Trump is on pace to appoint 30 percent of all federal judges currently on the bench by the end of his first term.

Trump’s judicial appointments also include two Supreme Court justices — Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh.

That’s certainly a historic accomplishment, and the Republican-controlled Senate is reshaping the federal courts across the country for decades to come.

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