Border Patrol Union Shreds Biden After Photo Op Visit to Texas


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The union representing the U.S. Border Patrol chided and mocked President Joe Biden after he visited a sector in Texas last week that does not get a lot of illegal migrant activity.

Biden’s Brownsville visit drew the ire of the nation’s premier border protection service as the union appeared to characterize the trip as window dressing in an election year as illegal immigration shoots to the top of the list of concerns among a majority of Americans.

“Board AF1, take nap. Wake up in place called Brownsville,” the group wrote on the X platform in a joking about Biden’s itinerary. “Read large teleprompter message, ‘It’s all Trump’s fault.’ Board AF1, ask who people in green uniforms were, told they ‘strap’ illegal aliens, express horror, take nap. Wake up, call a lid, hit beach, take nap.”

During Biden’s border visit, he blamed Republicans in Congress for failing to get on board an immigration reform bill he said would give him the authorities he needs to implement stricter enforcement. He also blamed former President Trump.


“The majority of Democrats and Republicans in both houses support this legislation,” Biden said in Brownsville, “until someone came along and said don’t do that that’ll benefit the incumbent. That’s a hell of a way to do business in America for such a serious problem.”

In fact, a majority of Republicans were against the bill because it would still allow up to 5,000 illegal migrants in the country daily while also providing tens of billions more in aid to war-torn Ukraine.

Fox News Digital added:

The president faces increasing scrutiny over his handling of the border as the Border Patrol continues to report a record number of migrant encounters. 

In December alone, there were more than 300,000 encounters – an all-time record. 


The issue also threatens to hurt Biden politically ahead of November’s presidential election. 

Biden’s White House announced his trip after Trump had already said he would visit the border. Trump and Biden went on the same day, with Trump going to Eagle Pass, Texas, instead, one of the busiest illegal entry points. There, he toured with Gov. Greg Abbott (R), the head of the Texas National Guard, and various elected officials and law enforcement.

“The parents are devastated and they’re incredible people,” Trump said. “This is a Joe Biden invasion. A Biden invasion. I call him crooked Joe… the most incompetent president we’ve ever had.”

Biden and Democrats blame Republicans for failing to pass new legislation they say would give Biden more power to close the border, but the GOP countered that Biden already possesses legislative and executive authority to do so, including re-imposing Trump-era executive authorities that Biden reversed on his first day in office, which the GOP says led to the current invasion.

As for the Border Patrol’s union, it frequently mocks Biden.

“Wasn’t it Biden who encouraged people from all over the world to ‘surge the border’?” the group tweeted on Friday. “Didn’t Biden immediately void all the successful Trump EO’s that were keeping our border under control? Didn’t he publicly and viciously accuse BP agents of criminal assault, then told the world ‘those people will pay’, and the entire thing was made up BS? Has he apologized or taken responsibility for any of it, or asked forgiveness from the victims of some of the millions of illegal aliens he imported into this country?”

Before Biden traveled to the border, the union posted: Attention President Biden: Keep our name out of your mouth today.”

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