Videos On Social Media Show Outpouring of Black Support For Trump After Mugshot


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If videos on X, formerly known as Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, and other popular apps and websites are to be believed, taking and showing a mugshot of former President Donald Trump has been an incredible mistake for Democrats.

For decades, the Democrat Party has relied on the votes of the black community to assist in elections, and if the Party were to suffer any significant loss in that voting bloc, it could be catastrophic for them.

But after the mugshot of the former president was shown by the media, it appears that nightmare is coming true for Democrats.

This is not to say that black people identify with people who have been to jail but according to the videos shared by several black people, they do identify with a system that picks and chooses who gets punished and who does not.

“I don’t mean no harm, and I don’t give a damn who this offends, but if that n***a Trump gets convicted of this crime and can still run for president, I’m voting for his a**,” a man in one video said.

”Trump is a brother now,” another black man said in a video on TikTok. “You go to jail in Zone 6, Atlanta, you a brother.”


Antoine Tucker, a self-described former gangster turned believer in God, posted a video telling the deep state that they made a massive mistake.

“(Trump) just reached the point where the Hood just like ‘f**k the Government Bring Back Trump so we can feed our families and not take our money to feed other ppl families,’” he said in the caption of his video.

Another man, who did time in the Fulton County Jail, shared a video of his support for Trump.

“The hood is waking up,” he said. “And what I mean by that is the lower income blacks that the Democrat establishment has been holding on to, even they’re starting to see through the bullcrap.”

He spoke about how Atlanta has been destroyed by liberal leadership and how black people were cheering for the former president’s caravan when it was on its way to be booked.


“The Democrat Party is Crumbling right before our eyes,” he said.

In a recent New York Times / Sienna poll, support from non-white voters who had not graduated from college for Biden was 16 points ahead of Trump. A massive dip from the 2020 presidential election that saw Biden take those voters by a 48-point margin.

“In 2020, very few Democrats thought their support against the hated and presumably toxic Trump could possibly slip among nonwhite working-class voters. But it did. I wouldn’t be so sure it couldn’t happen again,” Ruy Teixeira, an elections analyst at the American Enterprise Institute, said.

“The beginning of wisdom is understanding that the nonwhite working class is not particularly progressive while the Democratic Party has become more so. In the Times poll, these voters overwhelmingly say they are moderate-to-conservative, with less than a quarter identifying as liberal. This has created increased contradictions between the Democratic Party and the nonwhite working-class voters they have relied upon for huge margins to make up for shortfalls elsewhere,” he said.

He said that polls show this group believes that racism is an issue of racist individuals and not systemic, as liberal orthodoxy claims.

This group also overwhelmingly supports funding the police to protect their communities.

They also believe, to the tune of 70 percent, that which sports a person plays in should be determined by the gender they were at birth and not whatever they chose to be later in life.

“It still seems likely beating Trump or any other Republican will still be very challenging. Democrats should think very carefully if they can afford an image and policy commitments that are so unattractive to so many nonwhite working-class voters,” he said.

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