Videos Show Car Hitting Indiana Protesters Who Were Calling For Arrests In Alleged Attempted Lynching: Report

Cities and communities across the country have been damaged and destroyed as some protests have turned into riots.

The protests and riots began in Minnesota after video emerged of a now-former Minneapolis police officer kneeling on George Floyd’s neck for more than eight minutes, leading to his apparent death.

Several have exploited Floyd’s death to riot, damage property, and inflict violence on others.

Last week, one Democratic governor who chose not to keep his state safe or stop any riots is now asking President Donald Trump for $500 million to help repair the damage.

In fact, one liberal-controlled city is demanding white people take bias classes to address their apparent racism.

CNN’s Don Lemon seems to be admitting that the Black Lives Matter movement does not actually care about all black lives.

While all of this was going on, disturbing videos have emerged purportedly showing protesters clinging on to the hood of a car as it raced down a street during a demonstration Indiana.

The crowd had gathered in Bloomington to call for arrests in connection to the alleged attempted lynching of one of the city’s Black residents on the Fourth of July at nearby Lake Monroe, according to WRTV.

“A woman driving the vehicle came up to the stop and had started revving her engine toward us and we tried to stop her and let her know that the crowd is clearing up,” Geoff Stewart, who claimed to be one of the two people seen on video being hit by the car, told the station.


“But, she and her passenger both wanted to go right away so they started to push, they pushed into the woman that was with me, and when she pushed again both of us went on the vehicle.”

Stewart told WRTV that the driver in the red car then started accelerating.

“I was just trying to block her vision so she would slow down so I tried to pull myself as far in her way to obstruct her view,” he added. “She drove through red lights and made her turn… that threw both of us off the car.”


Footage taken by local media later showed the woman being loaded onto a stretcher by first responders who arrived on the scene.

Vauhxx Booker, a civil rights activist and member of the Monroe County Human Rights Commission, claimed he was “almost the victim of an attempted lynching” that left him with a minor concussion and some bruises.

“On July 4th evening others and me were victims of what I would describe as a hate crime” Booker wrote in a Facebook post describing the ordeal. “I was attacked by five white men (with confederate flags) who literally threatened to lynch me in front of numerous witnesses.”

“The attackers… stated to the members of their party several times to, ‘get a noose’, amongst some other choice slurs,” he wrote. “With me still pinned underneath them they kept telling onlookers to leave the ‘boy’ and that everyone else (all white) could go.”