‘Vindictive Moron’: Rank Texts From Hunter Biden Show His Disdain For Jill Biden


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A new controversy is swirling within America’s first family, though once again it’s another one that is largely being ignored by so-called “mainstream media” outlets.

Newly unearthed text messages show first son Hunter Biden calling his stepmother and current first lady Jill Biden a “vindictive moron” and a whole lot worse.

The texts show the deeply troubled 52-year-old degenerate blasting his stepmother following a family argument in late 2018. In one text he sent to the widow of his brother, whom Hunter Biden was dating at the time in what is in and of itself a bizarre situation, he called Jill Biden a “selfish silly entitled c**t.”

“F–k my stepmother for always being as much of a selfish silly entitled c–t as you,” he wrote to Hallie Biden as their brief relationship began to deteriorate.

Another text that he sent to his uncle and frequent business partner James Biden, Hunter recalled an argument with Jill in which he blasted the future first lady with a barrage of insults.

“And you do know the drunkest I’ve ever been is still smarter than you could ever even comprehend and you’re a shut [sic] grammar teacher that wouldn’t survive one class in a ivy graduate program,” he wrote. “So go f*** yourself Jill let’s all agree I don’t like you anymore than you like me.”


Joe Biden has gotten another round of bad news ahead of crucial midterm elections that will define the remainder of his first term.

According to an Ipsos poll released last week, just 39 percent of respondents approved of the job Biden is doing as president. Worse, just 9 percent said they believe the country is heading in the right direction under Biden and Democratic leadership, with a whopping 74 percent saying America is on the wrong track. Meanwhile, 54 percent disapprove of Biden’s job performance.

Just 25 percent of Independents say they approve of Biden’s performance.

Breitbart News added:

The terrible polling for Biden comes as the midterm election is about 50 days away. Biden’s approval rating is a bad sign for Democrats, who are trying to hold on to the Senate and the House. Democrats believe they have a greater opportunity to keep the Senate than the House, though Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) believes Democrats will actually pick up seats. Pelosi was roundly ridiculed for that projection.

As the midterms approach, the nation’s top issue remains the economy and specifically inflation (30 percent), the poll found. Immigration (8 percent) and crime (8 percent) round out the top three most important issues for Americans.


“The Ipsos poll confirmed what a recent Quinnipiac poll revealed; that despite Biden’s attempts to ignore and distract from inflation, soaring costs remain the top issue,” the outlet continued.

Biden has recently given speeches in key battleground states like Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, but he has avoided discussing the economy and inflation, the two most important issues for Americans, The Associated Press reported last week.

“President Joe Biden has stopped talking so much about inflation worries,” AP writer Josh Boak noted. “It’s a self-edit ahead of the midterm elections in November.”

In July, a survey found that a whopping half of Democrat voters do not want him to campaign again for the presidency in 2024.

David Axelrod, a former adviser to then-President Barack Obama has become the latest Democrat to cast doubt about Biden’s political future in 2024.

Axelrod was asked in July about a recent poll indicating that 75 percent of Democrats and Democratic-leaning voters said they do not want Biden to run again in 2024, according to Newsweek.

Responding, the former Obama whisperer said that a “time will come when these numbers have to be accounted for, and he’s going to have to make a decision” on whether he wants to run for reelection.

“I mean, obviously, this is a very unhappy bit of data for him. I’m sure, you know, it is concerning,” Axelrod said.

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