Votes Cast – Dozens Of Republicans Betray Trump, Constitution

The name RINO stands for Republican In Name Only and it definitely applies to many of the 34 Republicans who voted in favor of amnesty for certain illegal immigrants.

The 34 Republicans voted to give amnesty to, at minimum, 1 million illegal immigrants who are farm workers.

The Republicans are mainly from rural districts where the farm vote is a major consideration and local media tends to dictate the narrative, Breitbart reported.

The issue is that as their votes could play as a win for them in their communities they also do damage to the United States as a nation.

But politicians, including some Republicans and especially RINOs, care more about getting votes and keeping their power than they do the American citizens.

The Republicans who voted to give amnesty to the illegal immigrant farm workers are Reps. Mark Amodei, Nevada, James Baird, Indiana, Michael Bost, Illinois, Susan Brooks, Indiana, Paul Cook, California, Thomas Cole, Oklahoma, Rodney Davis, Illinois, Mario Diaz-Balart, Florida, Brian Fitzpatrick, Pennsylvania, Russ Fulcher, Idaho, Jaime Herrera Beutler, Washington, Will Hurd, Texas, David Joyce, Ohio, John Katko, New York, Peter King, New York, Adam Kinzinger, Illinois, Douglas LaMalfa, California, David McKinley, West Virginia, Paul Mitchell, Michigan, Dan Newhouse, Washington, Devin Nunes, California, Thomas Reed, New York, Cathy McMorris Rodgers, Washington, John Shimkus, Illinois, Michael Simpson, Idaho, Lloyd Smucker, Pennsylvania, Elise Stefanik, New York, Steve Stivers, Ohio, Glen Thompson, Pennsylvania, Scott Tipton, Colorado, Fred Upton, Michigan, Greg Walden, Ohio and Don Young, Alaska.

There are exceptions to everything and not everyone on that list would be considered a RINO, but the vote is still not something that is good for the United States.

If certain illegal immigrants get amnesty then the Democrats, and media, argument is likely to be “why not the others?”

Named the Farm Workforce Modernization Act it expands the guest worker program by making the process simpler, stabilizing wages and gives an option for year-round farm workers.

And the bill even offers a pathway to citizenship for those who continue to be employed in the agriculture field.

“Our current farm labor system is badly broken. It’s a time-consuming, convoluted, and restrictive process for farmers and ranchers, who often don’t have the time to spare, and it’s a dead-end for farmworkers, who currently have no straightforward path for longer-term employment or legal status,” the National Farmers Union, who supports the bill, said

“Farmers and farmworkers alike deserve a better, fairer system – which is what the Farm Workforce Modernization Act aims to establish. Not only would it secure a legal and adequate supply of workers for family farmers and ranchers, but it would also provide stability for the farmworkers who put food on our tables. We appreciate the work of Reps. Zoe Lofgren and Dan Newhouse and the many other representatives involved in this process, and we urge the Senate to follow their lead by reaching across the aisle to address the labor challenges faced by American agriculture,” it said.

Democrat California Rep. Zoe Lofgren was the main sponsor of the bill and said, “Our bill offers stability for American farms by providing a path to legal status for our farmworkers.”

But the majority of Republicans, 161, voted against the bill, its amnesty and pathway to citizenship.

For those that did, they will have to face the voters and it is likely that those voters are going to support what they did.

But the sad part is that they did it at the expensive of the interests of the entire nation.