Majority Of Americans Want Special Counsel To Investigate Hunter Biden: Survey

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A brand new survey that bot a majority of Americans want a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden, the son of Joe Biden.

TIPP Insights conducted a poll in which it asked Americans: “Should a special counsel be appointed to investigate Hunter Biden?”

The survey found that 85% of Republicans, 65% of Democrats, and 66% of independents agree that Hunter Biden’s case should be handled by a special prosecutor outside the Justice Department.

The macro results of the poll are as follows: 42% of all respondents “agree” that a special prosecutor should be appointed to investigate Hunter Biden; 26% “somewhat agree” with the same premise; only 7% said they “somewhat disagree”; 6% said they “strongly disagree”; and 18% said they did not know what to decide.

Rounding out the numbers, 68% of respondents tend to agree that Hunter Biden should be investigated by a special prosecutor. Meanwhile, only 13% tend to disagree, outnumbered even by the number of undecideds.

Hunter Biden has a long, disturbing history worth investigating.

Hunter Biden is still in hot water over his shady business deals in Ukraine that resulted in him sitting on the board of a corrupt gas company that paid him $50,000 a month in exchange for him possibly encouraging his father, who was the vice president at the time, to back-off calling for investigations into the company.

Late last year, Hunter Biden was accused of a $156 million money-laundering scheme.

Fox News reported:

Hunter Biden’s attorneys fired back Monday after a private investigation firm again attempted to stage a highly unusual intervention in his ongoing child-custody dispute in Arkansas, this time claiming its investigators have lawfully obtained access to Biden’s bank account records and confirmed his involvement in a massive, $156 million ‘counterfeiting scheme.’

The bank records “verify the counterfeiting scheme accumulating $156,073,944.24 with an average account value (monthly balance) in the amount of $6,785,823.66.” Burisma, the filing claimed, financed “Atlantic Council (Ukraine) and associated rogue operatives from the [U.S. State Department], FVEY, and CrowdStrike in Ukraine, suing PrivatBank.”

Hunter Biden held a lucrative role on the board of Burisma while his father oversaw Ukraine policy as vice president.

Hunter was also recently locked in a court battle after a DNA test revealed he fathered a baby with a former stripper in Arkansas while he was married to his brother’s widow.

Hunter Biden last month during a CBS News interview that aired in part on Friday morning that the laptop at the center of a scandal could be his before promoting a debunked conspiracy theory that Russian intelligence could be behind it.

However, when the story broke last year, the then-Director of National Intelligence stated unequivocally, “Hunter Biden’s laptop is not part of some Russian disinformation campaign and I think it’s clear the American people know that.”

Wait, it gets better.

It was also revealed in mid-March that Hunter’s handgun disappeared in 2018 after his sister-in-law, Hallie Biden, who later became his lover, got rid of the gun in a trash bin.

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