Tucker Carlson Tears Into Biden’s ‘She Was 12, I Was 30’ Comment


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President Joe Biden has a way with words, and that way is usually stumbling, fumbling and bumbling.

He left an audience, and those at home, stunned when he made a curious comment about a woman in the crowd during his speech at the National Education Association headquarters in DC, The New York Post reported.

“You gotta say hi to me,” the president said. “We go back a long way. She was 12, I was 30. But anyway, this woman helped me get an awful lot done.”\

The people in the crowd laughed and cheered, but the response was not the same from conservatives like Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

“It’s hilarious. ‘We go back a long way. She was 12. I was 30, anyway.’ What?” he said after playing the clip. “What was Joe Biden talking about? Who is he talking about? What exactly was he describing? It sounded like a late life confession. We don’t know actually. For once, the White House is not clarifying what Joe Biden said. They’re just walking away slowly. And The New York Times is never going to get to the bottom of it, obviously, not just because they’re Democratic partisans, which they are, but because, like everybody else, they don’t take Joe Biden very seriously when he talks.

“Whatever Biden’s other talents may be—shelling for credit card companies or having Michael Jackson level plastic surgery or showering with his daughter—he has a lot of trouble talking. He’s not good at that. He rambles. He doesn’t finish his thoughts, such as they are. He makes bizarre, unexplained claims like the one you just heard. Joe Biden, again, whatever you say about him, is not an articulate man. It’s not a partisan point. It’s universally acknowledged. Like the illegal aliens he’s allowed into this country by the millions, Joe Biden can barely speak English,” he said.


“As dementia progresses, patients lose more of their filter and tend to blurt out the truth,” Monica Crowley said.

“’She was 12 and I was 30″’ feels like a line that was lifted from the court reporter’s transcript of a pedophile’s trial,” Keith Malinak said.

“Biden’s handlers are cringing after this one,” the Hodge Twins said.

This week White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre got snippy with a reporter after being asked a question about Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

She was asked if President Joe Biden had contacted Gov. DeSantis about the migrants he has been sending to Democrat cities.

“Did the White House ever try to get in touch with Governor DeSantis or Governor Abbott about this to try to reach some type of understanding or a solution?” NPR White House correspondent Franco Ordoñez said.

“I mean, there’s no understanding to be reached. They are using people who are leaving a commun- — communist countries as political stunt, instead of — instead of maybe what they should do is call on their senators in their — in their state. Call on, you know, Senator Marco Rubio. Ask Senator Rick Scott why is it that they did not vote for historic funding when it comes to Department of Homeland Security, making sure that we are dealing with this issue. That’s not what they did,” the press secretary said.


“This is, again, a political stunt that they are taking for their own — for their own political narrative. It is not about really dealing with what is happening and coming up with a solution,” she said.

“And in terms of — in terms of that and understanding that the White House does not support the use of people as a political stunt — but does the White House support the idea or the concepts of states further from the border accepting some more migrants, kind of sharing some of the burden of state resources being used by increasing number of migrants, whether they be from Venezuela, Cuba, or Nicaragua?” the reporter said.

“So, the way that we see it is alerting Fox News and not city or state officials about a plan to abandon children fleeing communism on the side of the street is not burden sharing. That is not the definition that we see of burden sharing. It is a cruel, premeditated political stunt. That is not what they’re — that is what they are doing,” the press secretary said.

“And so, we’re always — we’re always happy to have conversations about ways to further improve border processing. And we could be doing more if — again, if Republicans in Congress would stop blocking our efforts to pass comprehensive immigration reform and also funding — historical funding for DHS.


“So, again, this is not what border [burden] sharing looks like. They have used the lives of people who are fleeing persecution from communist countries, using them as a political stunt,” she said.

“If the governors were more open about and transparent, would that be more acceptable?” the reporter said.

“What we’re saying is the President has put forward — on day one, he put forward a comprehensive immigration reform, ways to deal with what is at stake here days — the ways to deal with a broken immigration system. He put that forward on day one,” the press secretary said.

“And what we’re asking is for Republicans in Congress to help us come up with a solution to look at what this President put forward on day one, and they are not doing that. Instead, they’re doing political stunts,” she said.

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