Watters Rips Biden’s Failed Policies: ‘Bidenomics, Inflation, Rising Gas Prices…’


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Fox News host Jesse Watters tore into President Joe Biden this week for his policies, which he argued have caused great damage to the United States economy.

During a segment on “Jesse Watters Primetime,” he spoke with his colleague Maria Bartiromo about Attorney General Merrick Garland testifying in front of the House Judiciary Committee this week, the raging crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border, and allegations surrounding the Biden family over their alleged questionable business dealings.

Watters asked: WATTERS: “Okay, so we have no confidence. Where do you take these new subpoenas of the Biden family bank records are headed?”

Bartiromo responded: “Well, I think that Comer and McCarthy and obviously Judiciary, Comer, and House Oversight, as well as Jason Smith at House Ways and Means wants the bank statements. And I suspect they’re going to be demanding them. Whether or not they get stonewalled again is another question, going back to the DoJ and this criminality of stonewalling. So I don’t know. I would expect that they have enough evidence at this point, 176 suspicious activity reports, witness testimony, E-mails, 10% for the big guy, to actually just pursue this.”

Below is a transcript of the full exchange:

WATTERS: “But could Republicans step on a rake and then shut down the government over spending nonsense?”


BARTIROMO: “Yeah, I think that we will likely see a government shutdown.

WATTERS: “You do?”

BARTIROMO: “Yeah, I do.

WATTERS: “So, with Joe Biden losing to Donald Trump, with ‘’’Bidenomics’’’ bombing, inflation jacked up, gas prices coming back up, and an impeachment headed his way, you think the Republicans are just going to screw things up and shut down the government?”

BARTIROMO: “Jesse, we are supposed to have a budget of $1.5 trillion. The Democrats spent $6 trillion in the last couple of years. People in the conservative area here do not want to see Nancy Pelosi’s spending policies for another 30 seconds, forget about 30 days. So this fight is going to continue. Hopefully, they can agree on a continuing resolution, but the Democrats are trying to connect the two, connect the government shutdown to all of this criminality we are talking about. There’s no connection. They are not trying to shut down the government because of all of this. They are shutting down the government to stop, once and for all, the reckless spending. I don’t know. I will say this. In the past, a government shutdown coincided with a rally in the stock market.”

WATTERS: “Oh, so you liked the shutdown?”

BARTIROMO: “No, I’m not saying I like the shutdown. I’m saying, if it goes that way, it’s not the end of the world.”

WATTERS: “You long shutdown. Okay, so it’s not the end of the world, but all the times when they shut it down, the party that shuts it down gets blamed. And if you’re talking about a shutdown, you are not talking about crime, the border, impeachment, inflation.”


BARTIROMO: “And that is the reality of it as well. The mainstream media is not talking about any of that.”

WATTERS: “They don’t talk about it anyway.

BARTIROMO: “If the government shuts down, yes, they will blame the Republicans. We’ve seen it before.”



One of former President Donald Trump’s top advisors, Stephen Miller, claimed in a prior segment that the Department of Justice was “trying to put President Trump in jail for 100 lifetimes over a library dispute.”

Miller appeared on “Jesse Watters Primetime” and spoke about Trump being charged with three additional counts by Department of Justice Special Counsel Jack Smith, including “willful retention of national defense information” and obstruction.

Additionally, Trump was charged with ordering a maintenance worker to remove surveillance footage from his Mar-a-Lago resort.

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