Black Lives Matter Activists Suggests Land Be Taken From ‘Wealthy White Families’ For Reparations


OPINION: This article contains commentary which reflects the author's opinion

Bree Newsome, a Black Lives Matter activist, went on a Twitter tirade about white people who allegedly stole land at some time in history from black people and she wants it back.

“Amazing how white people commit atrocities in one generation & then they just disappear from existence. No descendants, no names, no current wealth or land holdings that can be identified as a result of the atrocity. Only Black survivors exist with living memory, apparently,” she said in one of her tweets as she called for reparations.


She alleged that some white families benefited because their ancestors stole from black Americans and, apparently, she wants them to give that land back.

“White violence has driven Black migration across the country and led to significant loss of land and wealth but we can’t identify to whose hands specific plots of land and subsequent wealth was transferred? The current class of wealthy white people have no connection? Hmm,” she said.

“Y’all really think there aren’t white people alive today who know the details of certain lynchings either firsthand or because it’s family lore and still have souvenirs, land or money from it in their possession?” she said.


Imagine the government coming and taking land from white Americans and giving it to black Americans for things that happened hundreds of years ago. How would this even be proven?

But it is an opportunity for all of the rich, white Hollywood celebrities who see themselves as allies to give some of their land and wealth.

“One of the biggest lies of the current era is the idea that chattel slavery is/was a separate economy from the current one, even as we’re surrounded by buildings & institutions built with slave labor and ppl holding generation wealth that traces back to the slave trade…” Newsome said.


“If you take profits from illegal activity & funnel it thru a legitimate business, it’s called money laundering & it’s a crime b/c the legitimate business doesn’t change the fact that source of the investment capital for the business was illegally obtained…

“The modern US economy is an attempt to make legitimate the profits of genocide & slavery. We have to constantly avoid discussion of reparations b/c delving into that topic exposes how the enslavement of Africans & their descendants is the investment capital of the whole system,” she said.

“Put another way— if I come take your home & land from you by force today & then hold onto it for generations, the fact that my descendants continue to profit from it while your descendants can’t is a continuation of the original crime even tho neither were present today.

“That’s the real conflict here that the ruling class and the state powers attempt to avoid with more abstract explorations of race like murals, panel discussions, and soap commercials featuring interracial couples,” she said.


She continued on tying tobacco, sugar, insurance, and lumber industries to slavery and claiming that they still owe because of it.

“The plantations themselves continue to operate as wedding venues and tourist attractions where people are invited to learn about everything except their history as forced labor camps where generations of Black ppl were subjected to rape, torture & murder,” she said.

“The white ownership class and the state it controls can not be allowed to dictate the boundaries of what we remember and what we demand restitution for and how. B/c they will always claim it was one or a few events in the past & that America is exceptional for acknowledging it,” she said.


In an interview with Complex last year, she mentioned reparations and named Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and President Donald Trump as rich white people who are against it.

“The United States of America owes us more than they can pay,” she said. “The reality is modern white civilization — we’re talking the past half-millennia — is built upon Black enslavement. The thing I caution against is allowing the white establishment to go through a process where they feel they paid reparations to us, but they’re still continuing to feed on us and build their civilization off our degradation.”

“We cannot have Jeff Bezos having hundreds of billions of dollars. That cannot happen anymore,” she said. We can’t have someone like Donald Trump inherit wealth and then become the president of the United States just because he inherited wealth. That cannot happen anymore. That’s what they’re going to be most resistant to. They’ll give us a little cash. They don’t have a problem giving us a little cash if they have to.”

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