Obama’s White House Doctor Demands Biden Take Cognitive Test: ‘There’s Something Concerning Happening’


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(MSN) Donald Trump’s former White House physician, Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX), called for President Joe Biden to be given a cognitive test to determine his mental fitness.

Jackson joined Fox News for an interview on Saturday to discuss the current president’s cognitive abilities.

“The far left and the mainstream media were demanding that be the new standard for anybody who’s going to lead our country and be our Commander-in-Chief and our head of state,” Jackson said. “I’m just saying I agree with them at this point—we need to get it done.”

Trump was asked to take the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA), a 30-point test that measures levels of memory impairment and cognitive decline.

The former president took the exam in 2018 after critics questioned his ability to run the county.


Jackson administered the MoCA to Trump, and the president scored a 30 out of 30.

Due to the nature of the test, people who are no experiencing cognitive decline should be able to gain perfect or near-perfect scores on the test.

The White House announced last month that Biden will be taken his presidential physical later this year, ahead of schedule of his predecessor.

The White House did not address whether or not the president would be taking the MoCA as part of his physical.

“I think he’s demonstrating every single day that there is something going on,” Jackson said. “You don’t need to be a physician to look at this behavior and see there’s something concerning happening.”

Jackson told Fox News he believes that Trump set a precedent by taking the cognitive exam, and future presidents should be held to the same measures.

“I’m just asking them when you do the physical exam include the cognitive assessment,” Jackson said. “As far as I’m concerned the standard precedent has been set and they need to follow and do the same.”


The Trump campaign pointed to a number of gaffes and missteps made by Biden throughout the two’s presidential bids in 2020.

Jackson brought up the president’s history of vocal mishaps.

“You can go back – there’s 40 years of tape of this man – he’s always made gaffes and stuff but these are different, he’s confused, he’s disoriented,” Jackson added. “He’s just not aging gracefully at this point.”

Last month, Jackson called Biden unfit for the presidency and penned a letter with 13 other GOP congresspersons addressing their concern for Biden’s mental condition.

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The former president recently boasted about his score on the MoCA that he took from three years ago. Business Insider reported a conversation Trump had when he visited the U.S.-Mexico border last week.

“Did I ace it? I aced it. And I’d like to see Biden ace it. He won’t ace it,” Trump told Texas Governor Gregg Abbott on Wednesday.

“He will get the first two. There are 35 questions and the first two or three are pretty easy. They are the animals. This is a lion, a giraffe. When he gets to around 20, he’s gonna have a little hard time. I think he’s gonna have a hard time with the first few, actually,” Trump said.