Trump-Backed Republican Wins Race for Iowa Attorney General Over Long-Serving Democrat


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Iowa Democrat Attorney General Tom Miller has been defeated by Republican challenger Brenna Bird in a race that became closely watched by many in the state. The Associated Press called the race with Bird receiving 50.8% of the vote, while Miller received 49.2% of the vote.

The Democrat held the seat for 38 years and was the longest-serving attorney general in U.S. history. Bird, who was backed by many top Republicans in the state, credited law enforcement agents in her victory speech for her success.

“We back the blue here in Iowa don’t we? And, tonight our success was due to the law enforcement support that we had. I’ll tell you what, I am looking forward to the next four years. We are going to back the blue, we are going to help crime victims. I’ll tell you what, I am looking forward to the next four years. We are going to back the blue, we are going to help crime victims,” Bird said.


“Of course, we’re disappointed with the result tonight. But briefly, a short time ago I called Brenna Bird, congratulated her, and told her she’s going to get a great job. And it is an absolutely great job,” Miller told reporters after the loss.

Former President Donald Trump endorsed Bird a few days after sharing a stage with her in Sioux City., Iowa, earlier this year.

“Brenna Bird backs the Blue and will always fight for our tremendous men and women of Law Enforcement,” Trump said in the statement. “Next week Brenna will defeat a very lazy and weak on crime Tom Miller, the longest serving Democrat Attorney General in the country!”

Bird was congratulated by the Republican Attorneys General Association, which helped fund her campaign.

“Brenna was an outstanding candidate and earned this victory through a hard-fought campaign,” RAGA chairman and South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson said in a statement celebrating Bird’s win.

“Nearly all of Iowa’s sheriffs, both Democrats, and Republicans, endorsed AG-elect Bird, a former prosecutor because she is focused on beefing up the criminal justice system, advocating for victims of crime, and standing up for law enforcement. She will also push back against the reckless policies coming out of Washington, D.C. or Des Moines that make it harder to lock up the bad guys and prevent law enforcement from doing their job,” Wilson added.

“Bird will make instant contributions to the ongoing legal efforts by Republican AGs trying to stop the Biden Administration from violating the Constitution and bastardizing the rule of law,” RAGA executive director Peter Bisbee added to the statement.

On the campaign trail, Bird vowed to sue the Biden administration and hold them accountable.

“I have news for Joe Biden when I’m attorney general,” Bird said at the Iowa State Fair. “I’ll see you in court.”


“When it comes to holding the Biden administration accountable, it looks like our attorney general is Biden’s attorney general,” Bird said at the Des Moines Register Political Soapbox. “When I’m attorney general, I’m going to be Iowa’s attorney general.”

“Other Republicans were also successful in Iowa’s elections, the AP noted. The GOP expanded its majority in the legislature, while Republican Gov. Kim Reynolds was re-elected and Republican Roby Smith won the contest for state treasurer. Other races throughout the country have remained too close to call. The U.S. is still waiting on a handful of Senate races, many House races, and some gubernatorial races as well, according to FiveThirtyEight,” the Western Journal reported.

Iowa Republican Gov. Kim Reynolds also easily won her race against Democrat challenger Deidre DeJear.


Reynolds said Iowa “stayed open and thrived” amid the COVID-19 pandemic because the state “put people to work” instead of “staying at home” and took a jab at the federal government, saying Iowans “get things done.”

“Record low unemployment, tax cuts and so much more. Here in Iowa, we may get up early, but we’re not woke. We love our country, our military, and law enforcement. Because of who we are and what we stand for, Iowa has always been America at its best. Here in this field of dreams we call home, anything is possible,” Reynolds added. “And the best is yet to come.”


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