Times Square Pedestrians Yell ‘F**k Joe Biden’ During Live Fox News Broadcast


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Things are going so badly for Joe Biden that even New Yorkers are fed up.

During a live Fox News segment, pedestrians could be heard yelling “f**k Joe Biden” as network correspondent David Lee Miller was providing an update on Broadway’s decision to shut down in the wake of rising COVID-19 cases.

Townhall shared a clip on Twitter, saying, “Passersby drop the f-bomb directed at Joe Biden while walking through a Fox News interview on the street in New York City.”

Biden is wildly unpopular, but the fact that the nation appears to have buyer’s remorse is not stopping him from doing his media schtick.

Biden appeared on the “Tonight Show” last week as host Jimmy Fallon fawned all over him.


During the segment, Fallon asked the president if he paid attention to poll numbers to which Biden responded with a joke.

“’Not Anymore,” he said. “I paid attention when they’re in the mid-60s not when they’re in the mid-40s.”

Admitting that your poll numbers are so low that you do not even look at them anymore is shocking in and of itself, but joking about your dismal failures is an even bigger stunner.

He mentioned the immense inflation that has gripped the nation as one of the causes of his unpopularity, though he did not take any responsibility for it.

“We do have inflation on things that matter to people’s lives,” he said. “You show up to the gas station and it’s $3.50 a pump. But now, because I took 50 billion barrels out of the oil and petroleum reserves, the gasoline is down below $3 in many places. It’s gonna come down, it’s gonna move.

“But in the meantime, people are worried. There’s a lot of anxiety and my job is to be straightforward, shoot from the shoulder, let people know exactly what the truth is, and layout how I’m gonna try to make life better for them,” he said.


He bragged about the passing of the bipartisan infrastructure bill and promoted his Build Back Better plan which has been stalled in the Senate with Democrat Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema standing in its way.

When Fallon asked him if it would be passed by the end of the year the president ignored the fact that two Democrats are standing in its way and, instead, blamed Republicans.

“I hope it will but I don’t have a single Republican vote to pass it, so it’s gonna be tough but I think we can get it done and we’re gonna keep at it till we get it done,” he said.

He then touted the ridiculous notion that the $1.2 trillion bill would not cost American taxpayers anything.


“A whole range of things in there that are gonna reduce the cost of living for people in a reasonable, rational way, and every single thing in that bill is paid for. It will not increase the deficit one penny,” he said.

And he argued that his low poll numbers are due to people being told to be afraid, rather than the fact that they can see with their own eyes that the prices of goods and services have skyrocketed.

“They’re being told that Armageddon’s on the way,” the president said. “The truth is the economy’s grown more than it has any time in close to 60 years, the unemployment rate is down to 4.2% – it’s going to go lower, in my view.”

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