Fox News Political Editor Fired After Calling Arizona For Biden Early Responds To Audit


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A Fox News political editor who was dismissed from the network after he called Arizona extremely early — and it turns out correctly — for then-Democratic nominee Joe Biden said over the weekend the just-completed ballot audit reinforcing the victory isn’t any vindication because the “damage” has already been done.

Chris Stirewalt, the network’s former digital politics editor, was let go in January after making the early call for Biden in the historically red state, which upset now-former President Donald Trump and many of his supporters.

Citing a Los Angeles Times report, Newsweek noted:

Trump’s son-in-law and former adviser even reportedly got in touch with Rupert Murdoch, the billionaire owner of Fox News, to try and get the channel to take back its call, which came as a surprise given the network’s generally conservative stance. The Associated Press, which collaborated with Fox when surveying the election results, was the second organization to call Arizona for Biden.


An audit of the election results requested by Trump released last week further affirmed Biden’s victory, and said that Trump received 261 fewer votes than the official results in Maricopa Country, the state’s most populous county.

Stirewalt made his remarks during an interview with CNN on Sunday, adding that the recently-concluded audit’s results did not serve as a defense because “they’re doing their damage anyway.”

“The point of these [audits] is to undermine confidence. It’s not what the finding is,” Stirewalt said. “So I take no satisfaction or pleasure from seeing this outcome that roughly corresponds with the real results. They’re doing their damage anyway.”

Host Jim Acosta proceeded to ask Stirewalt if he thought about filing a wrongful termination lawsuit against the network or “get on the phone with somebody over at Fox and said, ‘told you so?'”


“Everybody knows that we were right in our call, that’s never been in doubt,” Stirewalt said, dismissing Acosta’s suggestion.

“And if I did that, I couldn’t be here with you today hanging out, so we would be deprived of this time together,” he quipped. “So why would I do that?”

The former Fox News editor then lashed out at the former president and his supporters who have continued to push that there were elements of fraud in last year’s election, which he says cost him his reelection.

“There are people who really believe this stuff. I don’t know what Donald Trump actually believes, I think he knows he lost, but whatever. I have really sympathy for… there are thousands of people out in the United States who sincerely believe this stuff and that’s a crisis that we have to address in a lot of different ways,” said Stirewalt.


Trump issued a statement in advance of the ballot results being announced on Friday.

“Huge findings in Arizona! However, the Fake News Media is already trying to “call it” again for Biden before actually looking at the facts—just like they did in November!” he said. “The audit has uncovered significant and undeniable evidence of FRAUD! Until we know how and why this happened, our Elections will never be secure. This is a major criminal event and should be investigated by the Attorney General immediately.

“I have heard it is far different than that being reported by the Fake News Media,” Trump continued.

As of this posting, Conservative Brief has not corroborated Trump’s or the media’s findings.


That said, there are many Republican lawmakers who have said they hope to see the former president toss his hat into the ring again for 2024 in a rematch against President Joe Biden. One of them calling for Trump to run is Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C.

“I don’t think Trump is listening. He might be,” he said. “I hope President Trump runs again.”

“Now I believe there’s magic there,” the senator added. “(He’s) got to turn it down a notch. But there’s magic there.”

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