Sarah Huckabee Sanders Blasts Biden’s Policies, Says They Are Destroying the Country


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Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders shredded President Joe Biden and his administration as a massive “failure,” particularly when it comes to his lack of immigration and border enforcement, which she said is not supported by a growing majority of the country.

“Governor, why is it so hard to deport people who don’t belong here who kick cops, drive drunk, and steal my grandma’s Social Security number?” host Jesse Watters asked Sanders during an interview on Fox News.

“Because we have a president who absolutely doesn’t care that millions and millions of people are coming across our border illegally. He has the power to shut the border down, to stop it. He can reinstate the remain-in-Mexico policy. He could actually build the wall. There is a lot of things he could be doing, and this simply is a complete and total failure by this administration. In the state of Arkansas alone, we seized enough fentanyl in the last year to kill every single person in our entire state,” Sanders, a Republican, began.

“That’s nearly 3 million people. Every man, woman and child. Enough fentanyl just in this state alone. It’s an absolute disgrace what this president is doing, and it’s another great example while in November he has to go and Donald Trump has to be put back in place so we can secure our border and get our country back,” she added.

Watters jumped in: “Do think Joe Biden loves this country?”


“If he did, he certainly wouldn’t be trying to destroy it second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour. That’s exactly what he’s doing. He’s allowed our economy to drop and our border to completely collapse. Our enemies certainly don’t fear us,” Sanders said.

She added: “Our allies don’t respect us. Literally, every single thing he does is at the destruction and demise of the people in this country. I think it is frankly totally disgraceful and disqualifying for him to be president of the United States if he cannot do the simple job of securing our border, either at the south or the north.


If Biden and his advisers believed that a quasi-open borders policy towards migrants would help him and Democrats with the Latino vote, they have all miscalculated, according to a new survey from the University of Houston.


Bill King, writing for Real Clear Politics, broke down the results of the survey, which was specific to Texas voters, a state with a heavy Latino population.

“The poll unsurprisingly projected that Biden and Trump were headed to another showdown in November, and that Trump was leading Biden in that rematch by 9% in Texas,” he wrote, citing the results. “However, what I suspect the Biden campaign team found shocking was that Biden was losing to Trump with Latino voters by a 47-41 margin.

“Only 55% of Latino Democratic primary voters said they were committed to vote for Biden. The other 45% were undecided,” King noted further.

He added:

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I have watched for years as pundits and political consultants from both parties, who were mostly white, have made assumptions about how Latino voters felt about issues and how they would likely vote. The near universal mistake these consultants and pundits have made for years was that immigration was the paramount issue for the Latino community and that they wanted more liberal immigration laws. Both assumptions were wrong.

First, there is no monolithic “Latino community.” Those of Mexican American heritage are the predominant group but there are also Americans from every other country in Central and South America. And they all have very different perspectives on just about every aspect of life, and especially on politics.