‘We’re Taking Action’: Steve Bannon Says Republicans Are Taking Over Elections


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Former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon gave a dire warning to Democrats about the upcoming midterm elections in November.

On his “War Room” podcast, Bannon said that Republicans are taking over elections nationwide.

He spoke directly about the 2020 presidential election, saying, “We’re not complaining about it anymore.”

“Remember, there are no whining and no tears in the War Room. We’re taking action, and that action is, we’re taking over school boards, we’re taking over the Republican Party through the precinct committee strategy, we’re taking over all the elections,” the host said.

He noted the victory of Glenn Youngkin, who won the Nov. 2nd gubernatorial race in Virginia even after the state voted for Joe Biden in the presidential election in 2020.

“Suck on this: Ninety-five percent of the billits in Virginia were occupied of election officials and poll watchers, and that is a principal reason that we secured the election of Youngkin, OK?” he said.


“They’re there to have a free and fair count. And we’re going to continue that. And we’re gonna get to the bottom of three November, and we’re going to decertify the electors, OK?” he continued, echoing Trump’s claim that the results of the 2020 election will one day somehow be reversed,” the host said.

“And you’re going to have a constitutional crisis. But you know what? We’re a big and tough country, and we can handle that. We’ll be able to handle that. We’ll get through that,” he said.

To Bannon’s point, a brand new survey released by a conservative pollster shows that voters prefer GOP candidates over Democrats by nearly 13 points.

In addition, voters expect Republicans to keep the Biden administration in check, the survey from the Convention of States Action, working with the polling firm Trafalgar Group.

Tuesday’s poll found that 54.4% of American voters prefer Republican candidates and 41.9% prefer Democratic ones, while 3.7% are undecided.

Pollsters said 81% of voters are confident that if Republicans win control of Congress in this year’s elections, they will follow through on vows to try to block or undo Mr. Biden’s policies.

According to the survey:

— The top issue for voters, by far, is law and order, with 8 in 10 respondents saying they believe police departments can be funded fully and prosecutors can be tough on criminals while still dealing with officers who abuse their authority;


— Nearly 70 percent said they believe China is a rising threat to U.S. national security;

— Roughly two-thirds of respondents cited the porous southwestern border, which has seen record numbers of illegal migrant contacts since Biden took office, as a top issue — saying illegal crossers should be returned to their home countries and the border secured;

— 62 percent said that the U.S. can produce oil and natural gas without harming the environment;

— 56 percent said the dramatic influx of fentanyl coming across the southwestern border from China is the top factor in overdose deaths.

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“Also, pollsters found 54% of voters think Mr. Biden’s ideas on how to fix inflation will actually hurt the economic recovery, and 48% think parents should have greater authority than teachers’ unions in directing education policy,” the Washington Times found.

The results are the latest in a string of polls that have been good news for the GOP and bad news for Democrats and the Biden administration.

Last week, Biden’s approval rating in an average of polls hit a new low.