Watters, Gutfeld Rip Tarlov For Likening Omar to MTG: ‘Not Comparable At All’


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A Fox News segment went off the rails when several co-hosts debated key issues following November’s crucial midterm elections.

During a segment on “The Five,” the conversation began with the table discussing Republicans taking control of the U.S. House. GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy said that if elected Speaker, he will remove Democratic Reps. Adam Schiff, Eric Swalwell, and Ilhan Omar from congressional committees for past conduct and comments.

Jessica Tarlov, the liberal co-host at the table, attempted to claim that Omar Georgia GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene are comparable in terms of the rhetoric they spew.

“So in the that what we’ve got here is we have a whole group that’s got to go from Ilhan Omar to him and to Swalwell, Swalwell’s, you know, he’s a liar. And, you know, he got caught by honeypot,” Judge Jeanine Pirro said, kicking off the segment as Tarlov attempted to jump in.

“Go ahead, Jessica,” said co-host Dana Perino.

“I don’t know if Eric Swalwell is a liar. U.S. officials investigated after it came to light that he was seeing a woman who was a Chinese spy. They’ve said that it doesn’t appear that she got any classified information and he hasn’t been in contact with her since 2015,” Tarlov began before Jesse Watters jumped in asking from which U.S. officials.

“The same ones that said there was Russian collusion?” Watters interjected as the hosts talked over each other.


“Give her a chance to talk,” Perino jumped in, letting Tarlov finish.

“That walnut thing in the front of my brain, is short-circuiting,” jested Tarlov, referencing a comment from Watters earlier saying Democrats are missing the walnut-sized part of their brain that allows for strategic foresight.

“So I don’t know if I can get to my talking points,” continued Tarlov as the hosts laughed.

“But I’ve been very critical of Ilhan Omar, that it’s ‘All about the Benjamins,’ the dual loyalty stuff. I wish that there was no place in the Democratic Party for that kind of thinking. But I appreciate that the judge actually said Marjorie Taylor Greene’s name out loud because everyone else said, you know, this is what the Democrats did,” Tarlov continued.

Tarlov added: “Marjorie Taylor Greene, beyond the Jewish space lasers that started wildfires in California, the reason that she was really taken off the committee is because she liked a post that was about putting bullets in the heads of other Democrats. And there were a number of Republicans who supported her pulling off of committees, because if you want your opponent to die, you do not have any place serving on these committees. It cannot be eye for an eye if the eyes are not comparable at all and they aren’t in this case. Eric Swalwell, I get the security clearance argument. Let’s see what happens there. But for the rest of it, it makes absolutely no sense to me.”

“You know, the thing is, what you’re saying is our bad guy is not as bad as your bad guy. And that’s bias because we can say the same thing are bad. It’s that they are bad. Our good guys are better than your good guys,” Greg Gutfeld replied.

“I don’t know, bullets,” Tarlov interjected as Gutfeld continued.


“Our bad girl is better than their bad girl,” joked Watters.

“Don’t make this like a weird sexy thing,” Tarlov shot back.

“Jessica, we both, we both sides have bad girls. We should send both bad girls to their room until they learn a lesson,” joked Gutfeld.

“There’s bad people on both sides,” jested Watters.

“No, absolutely not,” Tarlov hit back as the segment ended in laughter.


Tarlov and co-host Jesse Watters got into it last week after she claimed Republicans want to cut to Social Security and Medicare.

This set off Watters, who roundly slammed Tarlov’s comments.

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