Trump Slams McConnell For ‘Weak’ Leadership, Blames ‘RINOs’ For ‘Ruining America’


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Donald Trump is warning Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and his “small group of RINOs” not to take the bipartisan infrastructure deal being pushed by Joe Biden and Democrats.

In a brand new statement, Trump blasted McConnell for his “weak leadership” of the Republican Party.

“Under the weak leadership of Mitch McConnell, Senate Republicans continue to lose. He lost Arizona, he lost Georgia, he ignored Election Fraud and he doesn’t fight,” Trump said. “Now he’s giving Democrats everything they want and getting nothing in return.”

“No deal is better than a bad deal. Fight for America, not for special interests and Radical Democrats,” Trump’s statement continued. “RINOs are ruining America, right alongside Communist Democrats.”


McConnell announced that he will vote to advance Biden’s infrastructure bill that many in the GOP have opposed.

“Based on a commitment from Leader Schumer to Senators Portman and Sinema that the Portman-Sinema amendment to be filed will be the substitute amendment, I will vote to proceed to the bipartisan infrastructure bill,” McConnell wrote on Twitter.


McConnell’s support means the bill will likely have enough Republican support to advance.

On Wednesday, the Senate voted 67-32 to advance the roughly $1 trillion proposal, which is not quite the $3.5 trillion measure that Democrats really wanted.

The legislation would provide roughly $550 billion to repair infrastructure by using unspent money that was originally intended to provide coronavirus relief and other areas.


With the Senate currently tied at 50-50, Democrats are attempting to ram through the $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill through budget reconciliation, which would allow them to avoid the 60-vote threshold to hold a debate in the Senate.

However, Arizona Democrat Sen. Kyrsten Sinema has thrown a wrench in her own party’s plan.

Sinema voted in favor of advancing debate on the bill but has made it quite clear she does not and will not support voting for the $3.5 trillion measure.

“I have also made clear that while I will support beginning this process, I do not support a bill that costs $3.5 trillion — and in the coming months, I will work in good faith to develop this legislation with my colleagues and the administration to strengthen Arizona’s economy and help Arizona’s everyday families get ahead,” Sinema said in a written statement.


Sinema’s comments on the overall budget bill strongly suggest that Democrats won’t even be able to get 50 votes to pass their more expansive plan, which is the $3.5 trillion measure.

It didn’t take long for members of the socialist “Squad” to attack Sinema on Twitter.

New York Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted: “Good luck tanking your own party’s investment on childcare, climate action, and infrastructure while presuming you’ll survive a 3 vote House margin.”

Sinema has been a thorn in the Democrats’ side for quite some time.

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