Alex Jones Physically Stops Vehicle After Witnessing Migrant Children Being Stuffed In Trunk

Written by Martin Walsh

OPINION: This article contains commentary which reflects the author's opinion


Joe Biden’s immigration crisis has gotten so bad that Infowars’ Alex Jones has gone to the U.S.-Mexico with a camera crew to document what is going on.

While documenting the border crisis, Jones and his crew recorded video of an unidentified man placing several young children into the trunk area of an SUV.

According to Infowars, children were being taken “from the dirt floor child camp under the International Bridge in McAllen” to a processing camp in Donna, Texas.

The migrants were then moved to a COVID processing center in downtown McAllen, before being brought to Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley.

The charity claims on their website that they “have assisted” over 23,000 individuals who have illegally traveled into the U.S.

The charity, according to the Infowars report, provides the illegal migrants with airplane or bus tickets to any city they choose in the US and a debit card with $1,200 per person.

“When the crew was walking to the Christian Charity center near the bus station, they witnessed five children and an adult exiting the center and being loaded in a hatchback car,” Infowars reports. “Three of these children were loaded into the luggage compartment where no seat belts were present. This video picks up where the crew sprung into action.”


Jones immediately stood in front of the vehicle to prevent it from moving.

After police arrived, the driver removed the children from the back of the vehicle and brought them back inside the building.

He claimed that their mother was with them.


Below is a second video clip:

Biden’s border control has gotten beyond out of control.

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas told federal immigration staffers last week that it’s possible he will add new wall construction to measures the agency is considering as a means of stemming the still-out-of-control surge of illegal aliens along the southwest border.

Those areas, Mayorkas said, include “gaps,” “gates,” and places “where the wall has been completed but the technology has not been implemented.”

Border Patrol and Customs and Border Protection agents alike have said that the wall was responsible for dramatically reducing the flow of illegal traffic, both in terms of drug and human smuggling.

“It’s not that it’s impenetrable. But it does deny and impede long enough for Border Patrol agents to actually get there to do the apprehension and interdiction. And it works,” then-acting CBP Commissioner Mark Morgan told Congress in February 2020.

Just to reiterate that: Biden is planning to restart border wall construction to help tame the raging border crisis that he created.

Quite ironic that he’s resorting to Trump’s border wall to help him after he claimed for over a year that the wall was “racist” and “ineffective.”